Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. At least 60% of the populations are Muslims and as such, there are a lot of mosques available in the whole country. Being born and bred in Malaysia, I have been to countless mosques here and I am amazed with the Islamic architecture in Malaysia. Although I don’t have any knowledge on architecture, looking at the designs of a particular building can amaze me. That is why when I travel around, I visited other mosques, temples and churches just to see the designs and patterns of the building.

Islamic architecture is something subjective. There is no definite definition on Islamic architecture. As Islam forbids any design portraying living creatures, most architects resorted to geometrical and symmetrical designs. The most famous of all these is the star design, which can be found in many mosques and other Islamic institutions buildings. Even the Petronas Twin Towers are buildings which adapted the Islamic designs.

Below are several examples of buildings in Malaysia, which utilised the Islamic architectural patterns:

Notice the designs of the doors and above the doors, which applied the star-designs. [Masjid Jamek, Kuala Lumpur]
The same star pattern on the floor heading to the main prayer hall. [Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam]
The Petronas Twin Towers main towers were built based on the Islamic geometrical designs. [Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur]
Another example of such design on the entrance gate to Masjid Jamek. [Masjid Jamek, Kuala Lumpur]

Have you been to any of the buildings above? Click here to read on my visit to Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in Shah Alam or also known as the Blue Mosque.


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


  1. Oh man. I wish I could have so much free time to keep posting new entry like you. If you been to Architecture Museum in Melaka, there are a lot more info about the history and orientation of architecture in Malaysia.

    • I don’t really have so much free time, thus the short write up and no new post for the past 2 days. Hehehe.

      Ah never been to the museum I guess. Need to put in my itinerary for next trip to Melaka! 😀

  2. Islamic architecture can look amazing, among my fave styles, along with Ottoman and Khmer. I had heard about PETRONAS Towers being inspired by Islam before, its a nice design. BTW, have you monetised your blog? I am getting ads on all of your photos! 🙁

    • Yeah I like the Khmer architecture too! Never been to Turkey though so haven’t really seen the Ottoman style with my own eyes.

      Yes, PETRONAS towers use the star motif as the main design of both towers.

      I joined WordAds but had just switched on the more options button. I figured out the ads on photos are quite a nuisance too, so I will disable it.

      Thanks for your feedback man! Appreciate it a lot!

    • Thanks Shelley!

      It is interesting how they incorporate the elements into such massive building! 😀

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