Visit Malaysia: Backpacking Getaway Trip to Tioman Island – Snippet

Visit Malaysia: Backpacking Getaway Trip to Tioman Island – Snippet

I have never been to Tioman Island. In fact, apart from Langkawi Island, Penang and the islands off Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, I have never visited any other islands in Malaysia despite the fact that Malaysia has a lot of beautiful islands. Since it is Visit Malaysia 2014, I tried to travel more in Malaysia and disclose more interesting places for others to visit. With that, I had a quick backpacking getaway trip to Tioman Island with my brother.

Tioman was once a famous island, listed by the TIMES Magazine in the 1970s as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. It was also the location for a 1958 movie – South Pacific, where Tioman is depicted as a volcanic island called Bali Hai.

Fast forward to 2014, does Tioman still maintain that charm it once had? Well, let me just say that the beauty of Tioman is in the eye of the beholder. For now, here are some teaser photos to give you a hint on what Tioman has to offer. Happy weekend!

8 Replies to “Visit Malaysia: Backpacking Getaway Trip to Tioman Island – Snippet”

  1. I will await your full review with keen interest! I like Tioman better than Perhentians, for example, because it is more developed, which I think is better for a beach resort kind of island. If you were going for true rustic barefoot luxury (like robinson crusoe), then I am sure some of the islands off Sabah would be a good start…

    1. Thanks Lee!

      Well, I can’t comment on Perhentians since I have never been there! Hahah.

      As for Tioman, I like it because although it is developed, it is not over-developed like Langkawi Island. Now I like Tioman better than Langkawi!

      Ah Sabah… I really want to go to Mabul!

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