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Day 6: Saturday, 31 August 2013

Today is the 56th independence day of Malaysia. I woke up and opened my Instagram account and my feed was flooded with photos and videos of fireworks all across Kuala Lumpur. It was nice to have a technology that could make you feel at home when you were not.

Selamat hari ulangtahun kemerdekaan yang ke-56 Malaysia! Aku bangun-bangun tidur, tengok Instagram aku, penuh dekat feed gambar dan video kawan-kawan pergi tengok bunga api dekat kawasan KL. Teknologi zaman sekarang ni best. Mendekatkan yang jauh. Rasa macam dekat rumah walaupun jarak beribu batu dari rumah.

Taking a stroll at the riverside.
It was so quiet… maybe because it was still early in the morning.

After cleaning up myself, I went to the riverside alone and took a stroll there. The road was quite empty early in the morning. There were barely any vehicle around. It was so peaceful. I went to the riverside and stood there overlooking the mighty Mekong river and the sight of Nong Khai, Thailand on the other side of the river.

Lepas dah mandi semua, aku jalan kaki sorang-sorang pergi ke kawasan tepi sungai. Saja nak ambil angin pagi. Jalan lengang sangat pagi-pagi. Jarang-jarang ada kereta atau motor atas jalan. Tenang giler rasa. Aku sampai ke tepi sungai, berdiri kat situ melayan perasaan dan view. Cantik je tengok Sungai Mekong. Seberang sungai tu dah kawasan Nong Khai, Thailand.

The riverside, lined with Laos and the Communist flags.
Overlooking Nong Khai, Thailand.

The riverside was lined with the national flags of Laos and the red flags which symbolizes Communism. Despite its progress, Laos is still more or less a Communist state. Although Laos is yet to practice Communism as in present China and Russia, it is still more open as compared to North Korea.

Kat riverside, pemerintah kat sini letak bendera Laos dengan bendera Komunis banyak-banyak. Ya, walaupun nampak tengah pesat membangun, Laos ni sebenarnya negara Komunis. Walaupun belum cukup terbuka macam China dan Rusia, tapi sekurang-kurangnya terbukalah sikit dari Korea Utara.

The only other guy at the riverside in the morning. Sabaidee!
Halal! So, let’s find it!

Soon, I felt hungry and I walked back to the main street. By luck, I saw the signboard of Nazim Restaurant which has a Halal logo on it. I walked to the direction shown by the signboard and found the restaurant.

Tak lama lepas tu, perut aku berkeroncong mintak diisi. Lapar kot. Aku pun jalan balik ke jalan utama nak cari kedai makan. Sekali, nampak papan tanda Nazim Restaurant. Apa lagi, dah ada tulisan halal, aku terus redah cari celah manalah si Nazim ni.

One of the streets near the riverside in Vientiane. This one is heading to Nazim Restaurant. Typical view of shophouses areas in Vientiane.

As I did not want to find other Halal restaurant, I decided to eat there. To my surprise, when I opened up the menu, they have Malaysian menus such as the fried rice, roti canai and other Mamak food. The only different is they serve alcohol beverages here. I smiled endlessly because finally I got to eat something familiar to my tastebud. I ordered a plate of nasi goreng ayam [Bahasa for chicken fried rice… and yes, they wrote that in the menu!] and had the most wonderful breakfast throughout this almost a week journey.

Click here for Halal restaurants in Vientiane / Klik di sini untuk restoran Halal di Vientiane.

Jalan ke satu lorong ni, terus jumpa restoran Nazim. Bukak je menu, terkejut aku! Mana taknya, dah macam pergi mamak kat Malaysia. Nasi goreng ayam, roti canai semua ada. Siap dalam menu tu kata makanan Malaysia. Beza dengan mamak Malaysia, kat sini ada serve alkohol. Tu je. Aku pun terus order nasi goreng ayam. Lega giler dapat rasa makanan yang familiar lepas hampir seminggu aku berkelana!

Nasi goreng ayam with cili potong!!! [Chicken fried rice with sliced bird’s eye chilies in soy sauce]

How about you? Do you crave for your usual food when you are on the road?


To be continued – Part 21


Nazim Restaurant is one of the Halal restaurants in Vientiane. It is situated near Wat Chan, precisely on Chao Anou Road, Vientiane and is open everyday from 8.30 am to 10.30 pm.


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  2. Trust you to have Malaysian/Indo style Nasi Goreng in Laos! 😀 You should have tried something local! 😉 Anyway, I have never been to Vientiane but your write up and pics give a good example of the city. The Riverside area in particular looks very nice – especially on a sunny day.

    • Hahaha. I have tried some but entering into my 6th day, I couldn’t stand my cravings! Hahaha.

      Thanks Lee! It is nice. Sadly, it was gloomy during my visit there. 😀

  3. Sometimes I will crave for Malaysian foods too when travel abroad especially having the same foods almost everyday in Laos- if not noodle soup then fried rice. Another story was my uncle who went to Japan for a week and he was looking for nasi ayam too in Japan.

    • Hahaha.

      Being Malaysians, we are pampered with a looootttt of delicious food, it made us crave when we were outside the country.. Heheheeh

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