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Day 7: Sunday, 1 September 2013

I woke up heavy-heartedly. I wanted to stay longer, but I could not. My budget was limited and though I thought of moving on northward and doing odd-jobs to cater to my expenses, no, my family would be damned too worry. I cleaned myself up and I walked to the riverside, looking for a place to have my breakfast.

Woke up to a gloomy day. And to a lot of videos from my friends showing the Merdeka fireworks.

Aku bangun dalam keadaan sangat berat hati. Rasa macam nak tinggal lebih lama, tapi kewangan aku tak mengizinkan. Kalau ikut hati, nak aje aku teruskan perjalanan ke utara, lepas tu cari lah sumber kewangan dengan bekerja kat mana-mana. Tapi, nanti mesti keluarga aku risau giler. Aku pun bersiap untuk cari tempat nak bersarapan pagi.

One of the halal restaurants in Vientiane.

There were quite a few Halal restaurants around Vientiane. I have written a dedicated article on that here. After walking along the main road, I decided to go to Fathima restaurant, because they sell Indian and Malaysian food. And I missed Malaysian food. I ordered a lassi and a fried rice, which later turned out to have the same look, smell and taste as the mamak fried rice back home.

The word ‘Malaysia’ really captured my heart and mind.

Ada beberapa restoran halal di sekitar Vientiane. Aku ada tulis satu artikel khusus berkenaan restoran halal di Vientiane (link di perenggan atas). Lepas jalan sepanjang jalan utama, aku buat keputusan untuk makan kat restoran Fathima sebab dia kata dia jual makanan India dan Malaysia. Aku rindu makanan Malaysia sangat. Aku order segelas lassi dan sepinggan nasi goreng. Bila nasi goreng sampai, aku terharu sangat. Bentuk, bau dan rasa sebijik macam nasi goreng mamak kat Malaysia.

One week and I have already missing Malaysian food.

Whilst enjoying my food alone (I was the only patron there), suddenly the waiter asked me, “Seorang aja? / Alone?”. I was shocked! I haven’t spoken in my mother tongue for a week and suddenly, here I was, in a foreign land, speaking Bahasa Melayu with an Indian. Turned out, he had been working in Brunei for 13 years before decided to move on and expand the business to Laos. We had a good conversation over breakfast and I thanked him for the good mamak fried rice.

Whilst waiting for my food to arrive, I checked how far I have travelled since last week.

Masa aku tengah makan seorang diri, tiba-tiba pelayan tu tanya, “Sorang aja?”. Terkejut aku! Dah seminggu tak bercakap dalam bahasa ibunda, tiba-tiba di tanah asing ni, seorang lelaki India menegur aku dalam bahasa Melayu. Rupanya, dia pernah kerja 13 tahun di Brunei sebelum buat keputusan untuk berhijrah ke Laos. Kami berbual mesra sementara aku makan sarapan aku dan sebelum meninggalkan restoran dia, aku ucapkan terima kasih untuk nasi goreng mamak yang mengimbau kenangan di tanah tumpah darahku.

The mamak fried rice. With the cili potong!

When you travel, what are the things from your country that you miss the most?


To be continued – Part 27


Fathima Restaurant is located on Fangum Road, Vientiane. Facing the Mekong River, turn left along the road and walk straight ahead. The restaurant is one of the restaurants facing the Chao Anauvong Park, near the riverside.


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