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Still Day 7: Sunday, 1 September 2013

I did feel that I have spent more time than needed in the mall. Although it is the main shopping mall of Vientiane, there weren’t so many interesting things to be seen and done here. Plus, why go to a shopping mall when you are 2000kms away from home. Since I was not satisfied that the museum was closed, I walked back to the museum and I had a big smile when I saw that the door was opened!

Glad it was opened!

Aku rasa dah lama sangat aku duduk dekat mall ni. Walaupun Talat Sao Mall ni kompleks beli-belah utama di Vientiane, tapi tak banyak benda menarik pun untuk lepak lama-lama kat sini. Dah lah tu, aku ni 2000km dari rumah, takkan nak lepak mall je kot kan. Sebab tak puas hati tengok muzium tutup tadi, aku jalan balik ke arah muzium. Tersenyum lebar aku bila tengok muzium tu dibuka!

The main entrance of the museum. Sadly, no photos are allowed to be taken inside the museum.

Apparently, it closed for an hour over the weekend i.e. from 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm. I paid for the entrance ticket and toured the museum. Personally, I am a guy who love history and museums. Once, I went to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur and continued to other memorials situated nearby alone after sending my friends to a course. Going to museums is one of the ways to learn the history of a place from another perspective and it is fun and interesting to see what the museums have to offer.

Rupa-rupanya, muzium ni tutup satu jam bila hujung minggu dari pukul 12.00 tengahari sampai pukul 1 petang. Aku bayar tiket masuk dan jalan tengok pameran-pameran dalam muzium ni. Aku memang suka sejarah dan muzium. Pernah sekali tu, lepas hantar kawan-kawan aku pergi kursus, aku singgah Muzium Negara dan memorial-memorial lain kat kawasan tu sorang-sorang. Bagi aku, pergi muzium boleh buat kita belajar sejarah sesuatu kawasan dari perspektif berbeza. Dapat tengok pameran-pameran yang ada pun dah cukup menghiburkan aku.

The road view near the museum.

Laos National Museum is so old and it is also situated in an old colonial building. If you are coming from a more developed country, don’t expect any interactive exhibitions because most of the exhibitions are basic photo and caption thing. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to know how Laos was born and how they became a communist country.

Muzium Negara Laos ni memang lama sangat. Letaknya pun dalam bangunan penjajah lama. Kalau datang dari negara yang maju sikit, mungkin akan terkejut sebab tak ada pameran interaktif kat sini. Yang ada kebanyakannya pameran gambar dan caption.

Outside the museum near the National Stadium, I saw this. This view reminds me of a travelling movie. Or a NatGeo documentary.

In fact, some photos lacking a good explanation and the English translations were out of hand. I smiled reading some of the captions. The best part was that they had an ASEAN segment near the exit door, and I found that they misspelled Malaysia’s Prime Minister’s name as well as the capital city. And one of the guests jotted down this comment in the guest book (and yes, they uses boxed-pages-book for the guestbook, which we in Malaysia use as a Math exercise book for elementary schools).

Ada sesetengah gambar tu memang aku tak faham apa yang dia nak cuba sampaikan. Tak tercapai maksud dia tu. Aku senyum je baca caption-caption yang ada. Yang paling best, ada ruangan ASEAN. Tapi, dia salah eja nama PM Najib dan nama Kuala Lumpur jadi Kuala Lampor. Siap ada pelawat yang bagi komen lagi pasal salah eja ni.

I wish I had met the guy (or girl) who wrote this. Maybe then, my travel plan will changed. The comment below, on the other hand, was written by Emma, the German friend of mine. Lol.

It was an amazing visit nonetheless. I learnt a lot about Laos history through the photos exhibited. Soon, I went back to the guesthouse, grabbed my backpacks and walked back to Talat Sao market, to catch a bus to cross the border back to Nong Khai, Thailand. Vientiane, you shall be missed.


Dah habis melawat muzium, aku kembali ke guesthouse untuk ambil beg yang aku tinggalkan pagi tadi dan jalan kaki semula ke pasar Talat Sao untuk naik bas nak seberang sempadan ke Nong Khai, Thailand. Aku pasti akan merindui Vientiane.

I wonder why I snap this photo will the pole visible in the middle. Hehe. Anyway, this is part of Talat Sao market, heading towards the bus station.

Any of you love museums too? Or do you prefer malls instead?


To be continued – Part 30


Laos National Museum is open everyday except on Public Holidays. Located opposite the Cultural Hall, the entrance fee is 10,000 kip per person.



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