I can’t believe I have been abandoning this blog for quite some time. I miss writing. I miss this blog. Writing this blog gives me some sort relief when I am tired, when I am down, when I miss something… When I miss travelling. I have decided to relaunch this blog today with new theme, new stories and new spirit. Hopefully, this time it will last long. I have also decided to write in English only, for now.

Well, for starter, this is the continuation from my last entry on my solo trip to Thailand and Laos. I have concluded Chapter 1 of the story, starting from yours truly leaving Kuala Lumpur until my return to the Land of Smiles. Now, I will start with Chapter 2, my journey back home.

Day 7: Sunday, 1 September 2013

When the bus reached the border, I lined up at the immigration counter to clear everything and get my passport stamp. My heart was delighted when I saw the signboard stating Nong Khai; first, because I have entered into Thailand and secondly, it bears my name: Khai.

At the same time, I felt sad too for there were a lot of good memories during my stay in Vientiane. The opportunity to make friends with fellow travellers and the things that we done together.

Soon, the bus continued its journey to Nong Khai bus station. Ken, the Japanese chap I met at Vientiane bus station, who aspire to become a teacher, asked me whether I was going to Bangkok. “Yes, I am”, I answered and he requested to tag along with me. It doesn’t harm to have a friend, right? After all, we can split the tuk-tuk fares. So, we hired a tuk-tuk from the bus station to the train station. It costs us 40 baht, so it was 20 baht after splitting.

On the way to the train station, I saw 2 familiar looking guys walking with huge backpacks towards the train station. They were walking along the shophouses when I realized, they were Hibiki and Yuya (If you are lost right now and wonder who are Hibiki and Yuya, I suggest that you read from the beginning of this journey *wink*). What a small world!

Soon, we reached the train station (there was a night market besides the station but I did not visit it, and I regretted it) and I went to the ticket counter to buy the ticket back to Bangkok.

See, ever since I was a kid, I have always loved train travelling. One of my dreams is to actually ride on a sleeper’s train. It is because of this dream that I asked the ticketing guy, after I calculated my budget of course, for a sleeper’s ticket.

And just imagined my disappointment when I was told that sleeper’s ticket was sold out! And the same for 2nd class coaches!

So, I settled for 3rd class coach.

I have nothing against the 3rd class coach. It is just that I have ‘tasted’ it before, during my first trip to Bangkok back in 2011. But luck was not on my side today. I paid 253 Baht for the ticket (around RM 26) – damned cheap for a 10-hour train journey.

The train will depart at 6.20 pm and Ken chose to seat in front of me. I put my backpacks on the luggage compartment and sat by the window, looking at the setting sun outside. Not long after, the train started to move. The choo-choo sound was like a lullaby to me, telling me that this journey has yet to end.

The view outside was mesmerizing. The train moved slowly and slowly before catching up speed. The skies became darker as the train moved forward.

Soon, it was dark. I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the train journey and woke up when it stopped to drop off passengers.

Still a long journey back home.

Well, I know it’s a good life
Yeah, I know it’s a good life
But I’ve gotta keep moving
I was made to keep moving

-Radical Face, Wandering

Part 2.


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


  1. Hannan Hanarbek Reply

    Selamat kembali, tema baru, tagline baru, semangat baru.


    • Terima kasih bro. Terima kasih 🙂 Moga dapat istiqamah kali ni, kongsi cerita kongsi kembara 🙂

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