Tourist attractions range from natural attractions to artificial attractions. Sometimes, an artificial attraction can become a place worth a visit when it is properly planned and maintained. Just look at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. A concrete supertree with crawling plants being planted there to give an impression that it is a giant tree and artificial hills inside the dome. But people throng the place because it is beautiful. The same can be said to i-City in Shah Alam. A city in my own backyard, it is famous as the city of digital lights.

Being someone who live in Shah Alam, I would say that i-City is actually an accident. As far as I am concerned, I think the developer of i-City never intended for the place to be a theme park of sort. I still remember that when i-Berhad started developing i-City, I was in school and the place was planned to become a smart city where latest technology will be fully utilised.

However, once they set up the artificial trees with LED lights, things started to changed when the place became an attraction on its own. When I first went to i-City in 2010, the place was bare. A lot of LED trees and stalls selling street food, but nothing more. Even the ground was not cemented.

Then, I went again to i-City earlier this year and I was shocked to see how huge and systematic the place is now.

Apart from the trees, there are mini monorail – called as the cable car, merry-go-round, carousel and others. There are also indoor attractions such as the 3D art museum (I went to this museum last year and will make a separate post on this), wax museum as well as a segway park.

There are also winter house and water theme park. There is also a Best Western hotel being set up and even the landscape has been beautified.

It is really a nice place to be with family during weekends and at night times. As for me, being there looking at the trees is fascinating and magical.

The only complaint that I have is about the price. I really think that they should come up with a single entry ticket for all the outdoor attractions and a single ticket for the indoor attractions. Charging separately means a lot of money has to be forked out by the parents (as mostly children love to be here) and I wonder how much Ringgit they have to spend every time they visit i-City.

How to go to i-City:

By Train
KTM to Padang Jawa Station and take taxi to i-City

By Bus
Rapid KL

U80Kuala LumpurShah Alam Bus Station
U605Shah Alam Bus Stationi-City

By Car

GPS Coordinate
3.064753, 101.485391? +3° 3′ 53.11″, +101° 29′ 7.41″

If you have been to i-City, the city of digital lights, let me know what you think of the place.

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I’m alone
And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong
And dreaming when they’re gone

-Ellie Goulding, Lights


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