Assalamualaikum and good day to all my friends!

I know this post is a slight deviation from my usual travelogue but I just want to share with you guys this little project that my friends and I have in mind.

We are planning a #projektanpanama (No Name Project) charity project to help distribute food and drinks to the needy namely the poors, the beggars, the homeless, refugees etc around Kuala Lumpur (yes, indirectly, it involves travelling too!). We call this #projektanpanama: Sahur 2015.

We do not narrow our scope of contributions to any particular group. As long as they are in need, we will help them lessen the burden. The plan is on this Saturday (11 July 2015), insyaAllah, we will do a walking tour around the targeted area to distribute food and drinks to the needy before sahur.

So, I am calling for all of you, if you want to be part of this cause, you can contribute fund for this project by depositing your contribution to Maybank Malaysia account No. 1621 0658 1919 under my name (Khairul Idzwan bin Kamarudzaman) latest by Friday, 10 July 2015. Kindly email me at kairulizwan [at] gmail [dot] com after you have made the contribution so that I will be aware of it. InsyaAllah, all contributions and expenses will be audited and make public to avoid any mismanagement.

If this plan goes well and we have enough funding, insyaAllah there will be other #projektanpanama projects in the near future.

Thank you guys for reading and for contributing. Please pray for smooth sailing of this project.

p/s: Targeted area will be announced later after we have finalized the location. Thanks to my officemate who willingly accepted my offer to become model for this post.

Thank you very much!




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