Earlier in May this year, my father decided to bring my family for a short vacation. I thought “Yes, another vacation! I have to get my passport ready!”, when my father crushed my dream by saying that we were going to Kluang, a small district located in the state of Johore. I know that Kluang is a small town and although I was hoping for a place farther, Kluang seems okay to me. I have never set foot in Kluang and I have always heard about Kluang Station coffee. In fact, Kluang Station is now a franchised kopitiam due to its popularity. Since I was going to Kluang, I make it a point to visit the original Kluang Rail Coffee – since 1938.

Kluang Rail Coffee is situated adjacent to the Kluang train station. It is an old station and intercity trains still pass through this station. When I got there, I could not help but to notice how the place seems to be trapped in time capsule. The station is vintage. The smell of coffee made me feel awake. Coincidently, a train arrived and stopped for awhile as I lined up at the coffee shop.

The ambiance and the scene of people entering and disembarking from the train in a train station as old as the Kluang station really is something to be remembered. I took some time to feel the mesmerizing moment before finally it was my turn to enter into the coffee shop.

Being a traditional coffee shop, the likes of cappuccinos and mochas are alien to this place. Instead, they have the local fares such as kopi, kopi O, cham, cham O and the list goes on and on. The same goes with the food. There are no cakes or fancy sandwiches to be eaten with the coffee. What they have is toast be it with kaya, sambal, kari or the ol’ good half boiled eggs.

Sitting in Kluang Rail Coffee whilst sipping my cham O with a kaya toast, overlooking the railway tracks and watching people waiting for their train – that is a vacation to be remembered. A meaningful getaway and style that have survived decades of development. Who knows how many people have sat on the chair I sat on and having the same breakfast as mine?


Kluang Rail Coffee is located adjacent to the Kluang train station in Kluang town, which is approximately 106 km from Johor Bahru and 263 km from Kuala Lumpur. Via the North-South Expressway, exit at Kluang and after the toll plaza, turn right. Once reach the Kluang town, turn left towards the station.


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  1. Wow! The Kluang Rail Coffee atmosphere reminds me of Tanjong Pagar Railway coffeeshop. Nice pictures, Are you using GoPro now?

    • Is the coffee shop there still open? I am so disappointed that I could not ride the train from Tg Pagar station.

      Nope.. Surprise2… It is the Xiaomi Yi camera 😀

  2. Kopi Beng satu!

    Kopitiams are always endearing to me because they’ve lasted the test of time and that warm homey atmosphere of a family-run enterprise always makes you feel welcome.

    • I know right! Especially the small town’s kopitiam. I love Hua Mui in JB! So ol’ skool!

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