If I had never been to Tioman Island, I would never knew of Pasir Panjang beach of Tulai Island let alone to hear of it. This is one of the smaller islands dotting Tioman Island and I am so delighted to share with you this small paradise with very surreal landscape and crystal clear water.

When I was in Tioman a few years back, I booked a snorkeling tour and the tour includes Pasir Panjang beach as one of the pit stops to snorkel. When I first heard of it, I was just like “okay, this must be another island around Tioman and apart from the corals, nothing else“.

How wrong I was! From afar, I could see the water changes its colour from blue to light blue! I could see the white sands along the beach of the island.

When our boat arrived, I was so shocked with the view, it was so unbelievable that I had to pinch my cheek to see if I was dreaming.

Tulai Island is a small island and there is no accommodation on the island. Visitors come to this island as part of the snorkeling trip and would spend around an hour here before proceeding to other checkpoints.

But an hour was not enough for me to enjoy this paradise. The water was crystal clear, the sand was so white and soft like a powdery skimmed milk. I could see fishes swimming near the beachline and I could see my own feet while dipping in the water.

I was so happy on the island that when the boat operator called us to go to the next stop, I purposely walked slowly as to enjoy the view.

If you are going to Tioman Island, be sure to include a visit to this island. Otherwise, you will miss one of the best heavens on earth.


Tulai Island is a small island situated off Tioman Island. It is about 30-minutes boat ride from Salang village. If you visit this island, be sure to leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photographs.


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    • Haha

      Jomlah Fahmi!! Malah di Indonesia juga banyak pantai yang cantik2 kan…

      Btw insyaAllah aku sama Mira akan ke HCM bulan depan hehe

  1. baru ke neh? patutla cam kat link aku tade update…ingatkan bersara hehe..tengs for comeback..nanti aku link balik…. padu gak template baru ko nih

    • Baruu bro. Tahun ni launched balik. Tak dapat nak bersara.. Once a blogger always is one.. Gituuu hahaha


      Padu? Alhamdulillahh. Hehe. InsyaAllah moga istiqamah berblog kali ni hehe. Dulu dah istiqamah sekali bz kawen plak kan hahaha

  2. Wow I have never heard of this place either, but the azure waters look very tempting. Glad you had an exciting time there.

    • I know right! I was shocked to see the water initially coz the colour is soooo unbelievable!

  3. Cantik gile Tulai Island ni. Khai, both me and Fahd beli Tioman package kat Matta tapi tak tau bile la nak gi. Duk plan time lagik.

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    • Pulau Rawa saya tak pernah sampai lagi. Sebelum Movement Restriction Order, saya sempat ke Tioman sekali lagi dengan wife dan baby. Sekarang, berkurungdi rumah untuk 2 minggu haha

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