Where ever we go, there will be places or attractions where its grandeur amazed us, its design left us in awe and the beauty of the place remains in our memories forever. Such are my feelings when I visited Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam.

Being an Islamic country where the overwhelming majority of its citizens are Muslims, Brunei has a lot of mosques, just like in Malaysia. What differentiate the main mosques in Brunei and in Malaysia however are the grandeur and the details in which they were built.

I was riding the boat from Kampong Ayer returning to the city centre when I saw the mosque’s shining dome from a far.

Haji, betul ke saya dengar orang kata kubah tu guna emas?” / “Haji, I have heard that the dome of the mosque was built by using pure gold. Is it true?“, I asked my homestay owner.

“Betul bah tu. Itu emas semuanya! / That’s true. Those are gold!”, he answered me whilst pointing towards the dome.

In my mind, I could only think that  if such a dome was to be built in Malaysia, how many people will actually climb the dome just to get the gold to be pawned at pawn shops. It shows how rich the people in Brunei are that they are not even bothered with the abundance of pure gold on top of the dome.

Since the jetty is near the mosque, I walked towards the mosque and went to visit and pray inside the mosque. It was a shame that visitors were not allowed to take photos inside the mosque. I could only tell that the interiors are as rich and as delicate as the exterior.

Praying at the mosque and walking at the mosque’s compound with a lot of gold features around made me think how lucky Bruneians are. They are laid-back, the oil price is subsidised and they live a moderate life. They do not look wealthy but still, their currency is the same as Singapore’s and Malaysians need to pay more when converting money to Bruneian Ringgit.

They don’t have big cities or infrastructures like Kuala Lumpur but their money is worth more than us. All that whilst leading a slower pace of life than Malaysians. Call me jealous but I just couldn’t help to wonder, what will happened when the oil reserve diminished?

Maybe I am thinking too far. Maybe I am a bit jealous.

Well, maybe I am. After all, Brunei is such a peaceful country. An abode of peace.


Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is located at  Jalan McArthur, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Entrance is free but no photograph in the prayer area.  Women must wear scarves above their head when entering while men must wear pants below the knee.


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  1. Jari manis Reply

    Stament pasal emas tu kelakar ahaahah. Emas dlm rumah pun dorang masuk rompak ni kan pula rmas tertampal terang teramgan mcm tu

  2. Such a lovely place! I have not been to Borneo yet. Ha ha… Can you believe it?
    I still haven’t been to Perlis and Kelantan either.

    >Do you think Lake District is worth a visit for a day or two?

    The Lake District is actually very vast, so a short day trip is not worth it.
    I have only been to Windermere, I spent 4 days there.
    But if you just want to go there to see the town and take pictures, one day is more than enough.
    If you want to do countryside walking, then it won’t be enough.
    Plus, the sun sets early at about 5pm in February.

    Manchester is rather very industrialised. I used to work there.
    Liverpool is actually more interesting.

    Belgium is a lovely country. I have been there at least 5 times now.
    But I always go there by train from London. It’s easier and cheaper.
    If you decide to go to Belgium, I highly recommend Bruges. I have been there 3 times!

    • You should go and visit Borneo! It is totally different from the Peninsula!

      Yeah I am thinking of going to Lake District to immerse in the view and take some pictures. Thanks for your info, I will see hoe it goes.

      But Bruges is definitely in my plan!!! 😀

  3. “They are laid-back, the oil price is subsidised and they live a moderate life. They do not look wealthy but still, their currency is the same as Singapore’s and Malaysians need to pay more when converting money to Bruneian Ringgit.”

    indeed.. indeed..

    nampak relax. tak perlu bangunan megah megah mewah mewah… masjid je yang paling gah di sana. makanan murah dan portion banyak. hidup macam sederhana tapi sebenarnya mereka kaya! and yes, i am jealous..

  4. kubah emas as in solid gold or just lapisan ?
    ada tanya tak ?
    [ bukan akak nak gi curi.. akak tanya je… 🙂 ]

    • Haha. Tak tanya la kak. Dengar emas je terus rasa macam ‘wow’! Tak terfikir pun nak tanya.

      Tapi kalau lapisan je pun boleh kikis kak! hahaha

  5. “…what will happened when the oil reserve diminished?”
    Kadang-kadang saya juga berpikir hal yang sama. Bukan saja tentang Brunei, tapi juga negara-negara lain yang terkenal sebagai penghasil minyak di Middle East.

    Tapi pasti mereka sudah memperhitungkan, seandainya hal itu terjadi. Semoga sih tidak.

    Salaam kenal dari Indonesia 🙂

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