Food unite people. Food will tell us a lot about people in the area. For example, we know Malaysians love unhealthy food with the abundance of roti canainasi lemak and various other food. Unhealthy but insanely delicious! Anyway, where else can we get local fares if not at their markets. In Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, local fares can be easily bought at Tamu Gadong.

When I visited Brunei back in 2014, one of  the places that I will always remember is Tamu Gadong. This night market opens every night and it is conveniently located at Gadong, near the mall. A lot of local food can be tasted and the price is incredibly cheap too.

I thought that since the Malay Bruneians are technically Malay, the food that they eat must be identical to the one we eat in the Peninsula. Right? No! The food are different! In Tamu Gadong, local fares like ambuyatroti boyansotong  tutuk and various others are sold from as low as $1. Well, don’t ask me what they are. You should try it yourself when you are there.

Unfortunately, I read online that Tamo Gadong has been relocated to a new place. Although the new place has a roof and better amenities, business had gone on a downward trend as many people do not like to flock to the new place. It is a shame since the ambiance at the Tamu Gadong which I personally know is so amazing – full with locals and the open air concept is captivating.

Maybe the authorities should ask for public opinions first before implementing any project?


The new Tamu Gadong is situated at Bangunan Gerai Malam Pasar Gadong Beratap in Gadong. It opens daily from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm.


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