In my previous post, I have written on the tap water story, where the mamak guy gave me drinking water from the tap when I asked for a glass of plain water. I was made known then that actually, it is a norm in Singapore to drink water straight from the tap because it is considered safe to do so. I bet the chlorine level is not as high as in Malaysia.

Heading towards the library.

Anyway, after I have eaten at the mamak restaurant, I continued my aimless walk in Geylang area until I reached the Geylang East Public Library. I was in a dilemma whether I should go in or whether I should just continue walking aimlessly. Then, I thought “there must be air-conditioning inside the building. I could do some air-cond right now“.

Reading is the bridge to knowledge.

So, I walked in and straightaway I was amazed by the library. The library is huge, there were a lot of people inside the library and being a library for a neighbourhood, I would say that this library is so modern and well-stocked. I went from one row to another, admiring the vast collections inside the library. Kids were quietly reading their books and the adults were sitting, reading newspapers at the dedicated areas. No wonder Singaporeans always excelled in whatever they did. The culture of reading has been inculcated ever since they were kids. Like the Malay saying goes: reading is the bridge to knowledge.

Houses in front of the library.

I spent sometime inside the library, reading newspapers and people-watched when I realized, I have spent an hour and a half inside the library. I then exited the library and went back to the hotel to check-in.


Sometimes, unplanned trip will lead you to places you have never been or always wanted to go… by accident.In my case, I accidentally found a mall next to the Serangoon MRT station known as the Serangoon NEX Mall. I took the MRT from Geylang until I reached Serangoon when I decided to disembark. Why Serangoon, you may asked? Well, the reason being I have watched a TV show called Serangoon Road on HBO, hence the stop at this station. Nothing particular but since I have watched the show, I just want to see how Serangoon fares these days.

Nasi Lemak Qi Ji. Just imagine, all these for only SGD 4.20!

The mall is like any other mall in Malaysia, albeit a bit smaller. Nevertheless, my highlight in the mall was a nasi lemak I ate at Qi Ji, a local chain which strictly follows Halal accreditation. I saw people lining up when I was walking in the mall and I decided to take a peek. I noticed that the shop mostly sells local dishes and I decided to order one.

I queued and when my turn arrived, I ordered a plate of nasi lemak with otak-otak and fried mackerel and a glass of iced barley. The verdict: delicious! Priced at only SGD 4.20 (RM 13.20) per set, I would say it tasted close to mom’s which means, it was so delectable.

Continuing my journey.

I continued walking and window shopping in the mall before I decided to wander somewhere else.


I used my old Xiaomi Redmi Note phone camera for the photos, hence the lower quality. All information are accurate as of December 2016.


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


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