In 12 minutes, we arrived at Amsterdam Centraal station. According to the itinerary that I have drafted, we were supposed to join the Red Light District tour. However, we did not feel like joining any tour, so we decided to just wander aimlessly.

Entrance to the metro station at Amsterdam Centraal

Dalam 12 minit, kami tiba di stesen Amsterdam Centraal. Kalau ikut itinerari yang aku deraf, kami patut join Red Light District tour. Tapi, kami tak rasa macam nak join mana-mana tour malam ni, jadi kami akan jalan je tanpa arah tujuan.

Trust me, it was freezing for us.

We went out of the station and we were awed by the beautiful building of the station. I literally stood in front of the station under the freezing air for a few minutes, enjoying the magnificent architectural design of the station. We saw the trams zigzagging on the street and I got excited seeing that. After almost 30 years of living in this world, it was my first time seeing trams like this. Asian cities are full with motorcycles  but it was hard to see trams.

The majestic Amsterdam Centraal station building

Kami keluar dari stesen dan kami kagum tengok bangunan stesen Centraal. Cantik sangat. Aku berdiri depan stesen dalam 2-3 minit walaupun udara sejuk membeku, semata-mata sebab nak tengok bangunan dia. Tak tipu, memang cantik! Di seberang jalan, aku nampak tram memenuhi jalan raya. Teruja sangat. Mana taknya. Dalam hampir 30 tahun aku hidup, ni lah pertama kami aku dapat tengok tram macam ni. Dekat negara Asia lain, mana ada sangat tram macam ni. Motorsikal penuhlah!

Walking aimlessly is good when you are not tied to any tour group.

We crossed the road and across the canal and walked towards the rows of shopping areas. We walked pass the Museum of Prostitution. “Honey, do you want to enter? It is 4 Euros only”, I asked Amira. “No need-lah! Better we use the money somewhere else”, she said. “As you wish, ma lady”, I told her. As the saying goes – happy wife, happy life.

In front of Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam or the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Kami lintas jalan dan lintas terusan bawah jambatan. Kami jalan terus ke arah kedai-kedai yang ada berlambak di situ. Aku nampak Museum of Prostitution. “Sayang, jom masuk! 4 Euro je pun…”, aku tanya Amira. “Tak payahlah abang. Membazir je. Lagipun baru sampai ni. Guna kat tempat lain lah duit tu”, Mira cakap. Aku pun ikutlah kehendak dia. Bak kata orang Putih – happy wife, happy life.

National Monument as the background.

The night was spent by walking and wandering purposeless around the Centraal area. We went into Primark, H&M and the Dam as well as the National Monument. We also got to see the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. And of course, we walked along the Red Light District, which we stumbled upon accidentally.

The beautiful view of Amsterdam at night.

Malam tu kami penuhkan dengan aktiviti jalan kaki di sekitar kawasan Centraal. Kami masuk Primark, H& M, Dam dan kawasan National Monument. Kami juga lepak-lepak dengan Royal Palace of Amsterdam. Kawasan Red Light District juga kami jumpa secara tak sengaja masa jalan-jalan tu.

Find the hidden figure *smirk*

Why accidentally? Because we were walking when suddenly I saw a 90% nude figure moving behind a glass door! I was shocked that I looked away and after a few steps, I took a look again and I could see people converging in front of the door.

Nearby Sex Palace.

Kenapa tak sengaja? Sebab masa kami dok jalan-jalan kat kawasan tu, tiba-tiba aku toleh kanan, aku nampak seorang perempuan yang 90% tidak berpakaian dok melentik liuk dalam pintu kaca. Ya Allah, terkejut tau! Terus pandang ke kiri sambil berzikir. Lepas beberapa langkah, aku pusing balik dan tengok, ada beberapa orang dok berkumpul depan pintu tu.

Sex Palace.

‘Coffee shops’ are also abundance but we did not enter into one since my wife was against the idea of smoking weed although it is legal here. Maybe next time, perhaps? So, we just walked and indulged in the moment. Amsterdam is beautiful. Even with the cold weather and cigarette butts everywhere plus graffiti here and there, there is something about this city which hooked me up.

The red nose shows how cold it was.

‘Kedai kopi’ pun banyak tapi kami tak masuk pun sebab Amira tak bagi hisap ganja walaupun kat Amsterdam sah di sisi undang-undang. Lain kali lah. Hahaha. Jadi, kami cuma jalan kaki dan menikmati malam di Amsterdam. Amsterdam ni cantik lain macam. Walaupun sejuk, banyak puntung rokok dan grafiti di sini sana, tapi ada tarikan yang buat aku suka kat sini.

No red nose – I love the cold weather!

We held hands and walked back to Amsterdam Centraal station. We took M54 back to Bullewijk and called it a night.

On M54 back to Bullewijk.

Kami berpimpin tangan dan jalan semula ke stesen Amsterdam Centraal. Kami naik metro M54 untuk pulang ke Bullewijk.

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