Backpacking to Europe – Part 12: Taking the Free GVB Ferry to IJplein

Backpacking to Europe – Part 12: Taking the Free GVB Ferry to IJplein


Have you ever had a moment when you realized that something was amiss only when some time had passed? That was what happened to me after we reached the train station soon after we left the bakery at Zaandjik.

Pernah tak korang alami satu keadaan di mana korang rasa ada sesuatu yang tak kena, tapi korang perasan lepas dah lama benda tu berlalu? Itulah yang berlaku pada aku lepas kami sampai di stesen keretapi dari kedai roti di Zaandjik.

Walking to the ferry terminal.

Amira and I were happily walking to the station and whilst we were waiting for the train back to Centraal to arrive, I saw something was amiss and asked her “Dear, where is my camera bag?!” since I had asked her to hold the bag for me at the bakery. Things started to go downwards after that. I snapped, got angry, walked back to the bakery and beyond to look after my camera bag to no avail.

Aku dan Amira berjalan dengan riang gembira menuju ke stesen. Bila dah sampai stesen, sementara tunggu keretapi sampai, aku perasan ada yang tak kena. Aku tanya Mira, “Sayang, beg kamera abang mana?!” sebab aku ingat, kali terakhir aku beri beg kamera tu pada dia masa di kedai roti. Sejak tu, keadaan jadi bertambah emosi. Aku jadi marah, aku patah balik ke kedai roti sambil tengok kiri kanan, tapi tak ada juga beg kamera tu. 


She cried. As we walked back to the train station, we did not talk. Thinking of the moment now, I felt bad. I should not get angry for something as small as losing a camera bag but unfortunately, I did lost my temper then.

Dia menangis. Sepanjang perjalanan kembali ke stesen keretapi, kami tak bercakap langsung. Bila fikir-fikir balik, aku rasa bersalah sangat. Aku tak patut marah sebegitu rupa. Beg kamera je pun.

Looking at the station from the ferry terminal.

So, when we reached the Centraal station and the temperature was getting colder, I cooled down too. I wanted to stop her from sulking and thus I grabbed her hand and we just walked across the station to the ferry terminal and took the free ferry.

Jadi, bila kami sampai ke stesen Centraal dan cuaca pun bertambah sejuk, hati aku pun jadi makin sejuk. Aku nak pujuk Amira jadi aku ambil tangan dia dan bawa dia jalan kaki menyeberangi stesen menuju ke terminal feri untuk ambil feri percuma.

Inside the ferry.

I knew that one of the ferries will eventually bring us to the northern part of Amsterdam, said to be more hipster and nicer. Amira and I walked into the ferry together with other walkers and cyclists. The ferry crossed the IJ River to the other side of the shore and I could not wait to see her smiling seeing the hipster area. Unfortunately, I guessed I took the wrong ferry and we went to IJplein instead.

Aku tahu yang salah satu feri di situ akan bawa kami ke kawasan di utara Amsterdam yang cantik dan hipster. Kami pun berjalan masuk ke salah satu feri yang ada dengan orang lain dan penunggang-penunggang basikal. Feri menyeberangi sungai IJ dan aku tak sabar nak tengok dia tersenyum semula. Malangnya, kami tersalah ambil feri dan feri kami tu tiba di IJplein.

Snow-covered leaf at IJplein.

IJplein is a township, developed around the 1980s in an area used to be an industrial site. There are many flats and terrace houses. There is even a mosque there. However, as I walked with Amira, the place was so quiet, just like at Zaandjik. Perhaps it was because of the cold weather. As a residential township, there were not so many interesting places to be seen. Plus, it was too cold, so after we walked for a few minutes, we went back to take the ferry and back to the Amsterdam Centraal station.

IJplein ialah satu kawasan perumahan yang dimajukan sekitar 1980-an di kawasan yang pernah jadi kawasan industri. Ada banyak rumah flat dan rumah teres. Masjid pun ada.  Tapi, sepanjang kami berjalan kaki di kawasan ini, senyap sunyi je rasanya. Mungkin sebab cuaca sejuk sangat, jadi ramai yang menyorok dalam rumah. Tak ada apa yang menarik pun di kawasan ni, jadi lepas beberapa minit di sini, kami ambil keputusan untuk patah balik ke Amsterdam Centraal.

A mosque at IJplein.

Amira still had not smiled. I believed I need to try harder. I decided to bring her to Iamsterdam sign.

Amira masih tak tersenyum, masih gagal dipujuk. Mungkin aku perlu lebihkan usaha. Aku ambil keputusan untuk ke papan tanda Iamsterdam.

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GVB Ferries crossing the River IJ are free of charge. They are easily recognised by the blue-white colour of its ferries. The most popular and best-served ferry route is from Amsterdam Central Station to Buiksloterweg (ideal for attractions such as the EYE Filmmuseum and Tolhuistuin). The other main routes served from Central Station are to IJplein (a little further east which was where we went to) and to NDSM Wharf (home to many cultural events, restaurants and creative companies). Click here for more info.

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