5 food to try when you are visiting Muar – must go!

Muar is a small town in the state of Johore, Malaysia. Having visited the town recently for work purposes, there are some nice places worth going for visitors to try local food. While the list is extensive, here are my 5 food to try in Muar, Johore.

Beef Satay as one of the 5 food to try in Muar

The meat is so tender, the marinate is so savoury and the sauce is so sweet. Just a nice combination to get you moving throughout the day. There are a few satay stalls in Muar town and they start selling early in the morning. However, the one that I tried is at Sin Juan Heng, where a Malay satay seller sells his satay in a Chinese coffee shop compound. Definitely a must-go and one of the 5 food to try in Muar!

Mee Rebus and Mee Bandung

Muar is famous for its mee bandung and mee rebus. I did try the mee rebus at Sin Juan Heng and it is so delicious. Despite only having the noodles, the sauce, some taufu and fried egg, the taste really explodes in your mouth when you try the mee rebus. The stall is situated at the same place with the satay stall. So, when you are in Muar, try the mee rebus as one of the 5 food to try in Muar!

Roti Bakar

Roti bakar or toast is a common breakfast for Malaysians. Although the ingredients are the same i.e. bread or bun, margarine and kaya, different shops offer different taste as it also depends on how they toasted the bread or bun. So, again the bun toast at Sin Juan Heng is worth every penny. Eat it with a cup of kopi-O and you will not regret it.

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Kopi 434 Muar

As compared to the westernized version of coffee Β which include cappucino, latte, affogato and others, Kopi 434 is the place in Muar to try local coffee. Apart from the coffee which can be ordered and drink there, they are also selling coffee beans and coffee bags to be consumed at home. Entering the shop will activate your senses since the whole outlet is brimming with the smell of coffee, in a good way. That’s why we include this in one of the 5 food to try in Muar!

Special Mention: Nasi Briyani Batu Pahat

This is an extra recommendation by kaki jalans. Since Batu Pahat is less than an hour away from Muar, a short trip to Batu Pahat for its briyani rice is recommended. Two outlets that I recommend is either the Nasi Beriani Mohd Shah at Jalan Peserai, opposite Putra Specialist Hospital or BP Bariani Power, Jalan Tukas 2, Taman Soga. Yummy!

Have you tried any of the above?


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