If you are travelling from Gombak heading towards the East Coast, you will surely pass the Bentong exit on the Karak Highway. Many motorists will simply pass this small town but that was understandable. Who wants to visit a small town like Bentong? It has nothing, except for a hotspring, Lemang To’ki, the Chamang Waterfall and an ice cream shop. Sad, right?

Chamang Waterfall

Sometimes, when you visit a town in any country, you want to have fun. It does not matter if the ‘fun’ is men-made or nature-based, you still want to have fun. There is Chamang waterfall in this town. However, it is so high up on a hill that I wonder if there are people crazy enough to visit this unpleasant attraction.

Lemang To’ki – Famous in Bentong

Then, there is the famous Lemang To’ki. People line up to get the lemang on weekends but lemang will made us fat. So, trust me you don’t want to be fat. Don’t visit this town!

Kow Po Coffee Shop

Next, there is an ice cream shop called Kow Po Coffee Shop, situated at the town centre. People come all the way from Kuala Lumpur to this coffee shop just to have the homemade ice cream. There are a lot of ice cream shops in Kuala Lumpur, why would people come here just for the ice cream? There are even photos of celebrities having ice cream at this shop. Listen to me. Save your petrol and don’t come to this town!

Rating of the coffee shop on Trip Advisor

Bentong Hot Spring

Finally, there is a hot spring on the old trunk road leading to this town. Once, I was driving back to Kuala Lumpur and I saw people having a dip in the hot spring. Malaysia is a tropical country and this country is hot and humid all year round. Why would people go to hot spring then?

So, if you plan to visit this town, think again!

p/s: Maybe you should not visit Kota Bharu too!


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