Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. As the capital city, there are many things that we can do in this city. This article will suggest things to do if you are in this city for a short trip. I did all the suggestions below during my short 3 days 2 nights trip back in August 2017. So, here goes my suggestions.

Trying the different types of transports in Jakarta

The city has many types of transports. It is fun just to try the different modes of transportation that the city has to offer. Apart from the TransJakarta bus rapid transit, the city also has Angkot (an acronym for Angkutan Kota), Uber, Gojek and UberMotor – something that is not available back in Malaysia. It is fun to see the city from a different perspective when you commute together with the locals.

Visit Kota Tua Jakarta

Kota Tua is the old part of the city that is full with old buildings from the Dutch era. The impressive architectural designs of this part of the city will mesmerize every visitors. From the old administrative buildings to the old train station building, every part of Kota Tua will entertain history buff like me.

Monumen Nasional or MONAS

MONAS was built to symbolize Indonesia’ struggle for independence. This monument is situated in the centre of Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta. Its height is 132 metres and visitors can take the elevator up to the top and see Jakarta from high above.

Try Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is the specialty of Jakarta. The locals call this street food as makanan ciri khas Jakarta or Jakarta special dish. What is so special about this dish? For me, the specialty lies in the ingredients and the way it is cooked. The ingredients are egg, rice and shredded coconut, mixed together and cooked on charcoal. The best way to eat Kerak Telor is to eat it while it is still piping hot.

Visit the Largest Mosque in Southeast Asia

Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. I counted and there many floors inside the mosque. The mosque is situated beside MONAS and just opposite Jakarta Cathedral. The mosque is so huge and it is a very nice place to visit.

Eat Nasi Padang and other Local Food

There are many types of food in the city as the city is a melting pot of many ethnicity. If visiting Jakarta, do not forget to try as much Indonesian food as possible. I love nasi padang and I ate a lot of them during my trip to the city!

Visit the Jakarta Central Business District

The Central Business District (CBD) is the place to be for all the hyped and modern action. There are many posh hotels and condominiums in this area apart from the high rise buildings. There are also cafes and huge shopping malls in this area, suited its status as the CBD of the capital city.

Thamrin City for Batik Galore!

There are a lot of shops selling batik in the city but my personal favourite is none other than Thamrin City mall! There are many batik vendors at the ground floor of Thamrin City. A confession – I spent a lot at Thamrin City and bought many batik shirts from as low as RM 30 per shirt!

More shopping at Passer Baroe!

Apart from Thamrin City, there is another alternative for shopaholics out there i.e. Passer Baroe or Pasar Baru. It was established in 1820 and Pasar Baru is one of the oldest market areas in Jakarta. The price at Pasar Baru is also cheap. However, the downside is the number of people visiting and the open air concepts, which may not be to the liking of everyone.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta Timur

This cultural village exhibits all the houses found around Indonesia. Imagine Taman Mini Malaysia but on a larger scale. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah also serves as a theme park with a cable car spanning across a huge men-made lake. There are also cultural performances being held to showcase the beauty of this amazing country.

So, there you go! 10 things that you can do when visiting Jakarta, Indonesia on a short trip.

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Any more suggestions apart from the 10? Comment below!

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