Backpacking to Europe – Part 22: Fleamarket at Mauerpark and Berliner Fernsehturm

Backpacking to Europe – Part 22: Fleamarket at Mauerpark and Berliner Fernsehturm


If you just reached here and wanted to read the start of our journey, let’s go to Part 1!

One of the stations on the S-Bahn line.

From Brandenburger Tor to Fleamarket at Mauerpark, Our Journey in Berlin Continues

We could not wait where our next destination would be. I already had plans in Berlin but since the ambassador asked his cook and our friend’s friend to accompany us, we just followed. We took the train at Brandenburger Tor station and disembarked at Berlin Nordbahnhof station. Then, we proceeded to ride on the M10 tram heading towards S+U Warschauer Str. and we disembarked at Wolliner Str. station. We exited the station, walked for 1 minute when I saw Schönwetter cafe and bar. We entered into the bar and walked until the end when we saw a huge market.

Taking the M10 tram here.
Taking the M10 tram here.
Fleamarket at Mauerpark, Berlin. The best place to shop without dropping a sweat.
Fleamarket at Mauerpark, Berlin. The best place to shop without dropping a sweat.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Fleamarket at Mauerpark!

The fleamarket is like Malaysian’s version of uptown market. However, instead of selling things at night, they are selling their stuff during day time. There are many unique and rare items sold. We even bought some fridge magnets here because the fridge magnets here are wayyyyy cheaper than the ones sold at touristy area. In fact, most people here were locals instead of foreign tourists. Another plus point is the weather was very pleasant especially for Southeast Asian like me.

I walked out of the fleamarket and saw this…

Dinner at Nusantara Restaurant, Berlin

After our shopping stint, the guys brought Amira and I for dinner at an Indonesian restaurant, Nusantara. The restaurant is situated at Turmstraße 18, 10559 Berlin, Germany. From the Fleamarket, we took the M10 tram heading towards S+U Hauptbahnhof and stopped at Lesser-Ury-Weg. From there, we walked for 1km to the restaurant.

...which for me is the best sunset I have ever seen during winter!
…which for me is the best sunset I have ever seen during winter!
On the M10 tram heading towards Nusantara restaurant. If you have time, stop by any of the stations for another gallery on Berlin Wall. Hint: look outside the window.

Nusantara is really a shock for me. I never thought that there is an Asian restaurant in Berlin, especially not an Indonesian restaurant. The staff came from Indonesia and I had so much fun talking with them about their experiences living in a foreign land. I even ordered extra sambal ijo which caused me to sweat in the restaurant, before I ran outside and the sweat disappeared due to the freezing temperature.

Nusantara restaurant's menu cover.
Nusantara restaurant’s menu cover.

Seeing the Berlin TV Tower – or KL Tower lookalike

After dinner, I told Luqman that I really wanted to see Berlin TV Tower, or Berliner Fernsehturm as the locals call. I wanted to see the tower because it is one of the icons of Berlin which appeared prominently in any TV shows and movies which use Berlin as the backdrop. Luqman laughed at my insistence. Luqman and his friend brought us on board S7 train towards S Ahrensfelde Bhf station before we stopped and disembarked at Berlin Alexanderplatz Bahnhof.

A huge and busy station.
A huge and busy station.

We then walked towards the TV Tower and that was when I understood why Luqman laughed. Indeed, it looked a lot like KL Tower. Luqman told me, “the tower is close for visiting but you can take a photo underneath it. If you still want to go up, I suggest you just go and visit the KL Tower“. He ridiculed me! LOL

Tired but satisfied.
Tired but satisfied.

Back to Rumah Malaysia

After we spent some time under the tower, we walked back to the train station. It is the new main train station of Berlin and although it was night time, there were so many people inside. It was so cold too although there was no air conditioning and no fan. I really have started to fall in love with winter and this kind of weather since I did not sweat at all.

Waiting for the train.
Waiting for the train.

Finally, we took a train and returned to Rumah Malaysia and called it a night.

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