The Meaning of Serene

When we talk about Serene, a lot of people will start thinking of the things that could make them at peace. Serenity is very subjective. Some people will feel calm and peaceful when they see nature. On the other hand, some might relate serenity with the places that they travelled to. As for me, serenity makes me remember Muiden, a city situated in the Netherlands.

Muiden, a City of Serenity

Muiden is a small city which I visited during my backpacking trip to Europe with my wife back in February 2017. It is a very small city. Since I visited during winter, there were not so many people outside on the road. I walked from the bus stop to the Muiderslot castle with no sun and with snow covering the path. It was so quiet and I could hear the wind blowing and moving the boats docked in the pier.

People Met in Muiden

Another interesting fact about this city is its people. We met a lady and a man who were friendly and helpful enough to have a chat with us. The lady was having a jog when we bumped into each other and she told us how peaceful the place is during winter. She recommended us to visit one of the shops and to come again in the future.

On the way back from the castle, we met into a man who greeted us and took our photos. He told us to be careful and also to come again if we were visiting the Netherlands in the future.

Future Visits

Looking back now,  the trip to the city was one of the trips that made me feel peace. If there is anyone who wanted to visit the Netherlands especially during winter, please include Muiden. I can assure you that Muiden is the place to be for serenity. I personally will visit Muiden again if there is a chance to do so.

Muiden, the Netherlands (2017)


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