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Day 5, 13th February 2017

Leaving Rumah Malaysia for Potsdam

Potsdam was not initially in our plan when we were thinking of places to go during our backpacking trip to Europe. However, I am an avid history buff. I noticed that Potsdam is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the city itself is a significant city during the Cold War. Plus, the city is very near to Berlin and I thought, “why not we just have a day trip to Potsdam before proceeding to our next destination?“. My wife agreed and we decided to include Potsdam in our plan.

Sunrise in Berlin during winter. Don’t get fooled by the ray. It was freezing

So, on the 5th day, we woke up to “check-out” from Rumah Malaysia. We thanked His Excellency the Ambassador for his hospitality during our stay at his official residence. His wife gave us two packs of nasi lemak so that we could save on food. They were so kind that the Ambassador even asked his driver to send us to Berlin ZOB, the bus station where we were going to take the night bus to Paris later at night.

Feeling like a boss in the Mercedes towards Berlin ZOB

Taking the train to Potsdam

As soon as we arrived at the Central Bus Station Berlin ZOB, we put our luggage into the jumbo-sized locker located near the platform. The fee is very cheap, the most expensive locker costs 5 Euros per day. The only thing that we took with us is one pack of the nasi lemak, so that we could indulge in that food when we are in Potsdam. The ambassador’s driver helped us to determine the correct train to take and we bid him goodbye afterwards.

Day pass for Zone ABC

Since Potsdam is situated outside Zone A and Zone B we bought a Tageskarte Zone ABC for 7.70 Euros per person. To go there, we took the S-Bahn S7 from Westkreuz station (the station near Berlin ZOB) heading towards Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. It is easier to take the train towards the final station and start the journey there. Nonetheless, I watched the Bridge of Spies before coming here and I really wanted to see the Glienicker Brücke, so we stopped and disembarked at Wannsee station.

Waiting for the train to Potsdam. We disembarked at Wannsee station

The Bridge of Spies

Glienicker Brücke or the Bridge of Spies is famous as the bridge is the place where the exchange of spies were done during the Cold War. When I watched the movie, I felt so intrigued with how the bridge was divided into two parts and administered by two different nations which used to be one.

16 minutes till the arrival of the bus

As such, when the opportunity came for me to visit it, carpe diem! I decided to just visit it. If you are like me who really want to see the bridge up close, after disembarking at Wannsee station, exit the station and cross the road to the bus stop. Bus 316 heads towards Glienicker Brücke and the bus journey is just 10 minutes.

Enjoying the view on the hill beside the bus stop. What a sunny morning

For Amira and I, after the bus stopped, we saw the bridge from where the bus stopped. I pinched my chubby cheeks as I could not believe that I am looking at the Bridge of Spies in real life.

hier waren deutschland und europa bis zum 10 november 1989 um 18 uhr geteilt: here Germany and Europe were divided up to 10 November 1989 at 18:00

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