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Potsdam Walking Tour

As a city, I like Potsdam better than Berlin. It is calmer, it has more European feeling and many of its historical sites are still intact. In fact, I think Potsdam is cleaner than Berlin. That is why I decided to embark on a Potsdam Walking Tour after printing the route here. In Part 24, I wrote about our walk up until the Green House and in this part, I will continue about the journey.

Getting lost at New Garden

After the Green House, Amira and I walked towards the Schloss Cecilienhof, an old palace built by the last king of Germany before he abdicated after World War I. During World War II, this palace is important as it is the venue of the Potsdam Conference. If you are into history, you will know that the Conference was held to decide the fate of Europe after the VE Day. One of the outcomes of the Conference was the division of Germany and Berlin into two.

Nevertheless, when we arrived at the gate of the Palace, it was closed as they were refurbishing the building. So, we could not see the famous Stalin’s red star in the garden nor did we able to see the interior of the palace. According to the Potsdam Walking Tour printed guide, we were supposed to see a pyramid and the Marble palace before reaching the Nauener Tor. However, that did not happen as we got lost.

A long walk to the Old City of Potsdam

Where are we, dear? Are we going to reach the old city any sooner?“, my wife asked me. I did not answer her. I was busy looking at the map and trying to figure out where we were. New Garden is huge and there are many areas where Amira and I were the only persons there. But I failed. I could not find our way out and I told her “Come, let’s just walk“. After 20 minutes walking, we saw an exit point and we exited the garden into a housing area.

We did not have any cellular coverage as we decided to depend on free WiFi throughout this trip. As such, we followed our guts and we just walked, passing the houses, some schools and once in a while, we stopped to take photos. Yes, getting lost did not mean that we could not enjoy ourselves.

According to my iPhone Health apps, we walked more than 10,000 steps before we found the Nauener Tor. We walked along the main road and followed our conscience before we saw the Town Hall and the Nauener Tor from afar. Finally!

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The Old City of Potsdam

The Old City of Potsdam is very interesting. Apart from the language and the signage, one can mistaken the city as a Dutch city. This is due to the fact that there is a Dutch Quarter in the city, consisting of 130 red Dutch houses built in the 1700s. There are many shops and cafes lining up the street. There is even a tram line and buses plying the street.

We were so tired of walking, so we entered into a bakery and had some breads and pastries for lunch. It was nice to have a cup of hot coffee during winter. There were other people in the coffee shop too and they kept looking at my wife whilst talking to each other. I told my wife, “it is because either you are wearing a ‘tudung’ (hijab – we did not meet others who wear hijab in Potsdam) or because you are soooo beautiful“. My wife laughed at my pick-up lines.

After paying for our lunch, we went out and continued walking. Initially, we intended to follow the routes in the Potsdam Walking Tour guide but we could not find our way and we just walked aimlessly. We saw many beautiful buildings throughout the walk. Then, we decided to find the way to Sanssouci.

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Sanssouci and Potsdam’s Brandenburg Tor

Sanssouci is one of the World Heritage Sites in Potsdam. I really wanted to visit Sanssouci because when I did my research to go to Potsdam, it appears that the park is very beautiful and filled with historical significance. Unfortunately, when I walked towards Sanssouci (I walked alone since Amira was tired of walking by then) it was close to dusk and we had a bus to catch. So, I just entered into a small gate on the right and looked at the building before walked back to the square in front of Brandenburg Tor where Amira was waiting for me.

Brandenburg Tor is a very famous landmark in Berlin. Everyone who visited Berlin will have a photo taken there. As the saying goes, you are not in Berlin unless you have visited the Brandenburg Tor. It is interesting to note that apart from Berlin, Potsdsam also has its own Brandenburg Tor.

It is in front of a square, near the road leading to Sanssouci. The Tor is a mini version of its Berlin’s brother. However, it is very beautiful and it is a very nice spot for visitors to Potsdam to capture their memory in the city.

Back to Berlin

We were so tired since we walked throughout the day and decided to wait for a tram and jumped on one. All trams and buses in this area will go to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. From Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, we took S-Bahn S7 line to Westkreuz station and waited at Berlin ZOB until 7.30 pm, where our Eurolines bus to Paris will depart. Finally, our Potsdam walking tour has ended.

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The Eurolines bus ticket costed us Euro 36 per person. The travel journey between Berlin and Paris is approximately 15 hours, stopping at Antwerp and Brussels before proceeding to Paris.


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