Where to eat in Terengganu? Here are 5 places to eat in Terengganu!

Kuala Terengganu is the capital city of the state of Terengganu in Malaysia. It is situated on the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia and is a city with a strong Malay-Muslim cultural influence. Apart from its laid back and traditional lifestyle, Terengganu is also a food heaven. So, let’s look at some of the eateries there, 5 places to eat in Terengganu, specifically Kuala Terengganu, if you plan to visit the city.

Uptown Kontena – one of the 5 places to eat in Terengganu

Uptown Kontena is like a night market with a twist. It is where up and coming food traders sell their food. The main attraction here is the containers used as the stalls’ kitchens and counter tops as well as bulbs being hanged around the area to create a happening atmosphere. It is open only at night and since it is situated near the beach, the breeze will brush your face and it feels so comfortable. You don’t need a fan to eat here. Apart from that, you will be spoiled for choices! Definitely one of the 5 places to eat in Terengganu!

Uptown Kontena is located at PT 31964, Kg.Tok Jembal, 21000 Kuala Nerus, Terengganu. Just Waze Uptown Kontena to get here. 

Qawa Coffee – another container spot in 5 places to eat in Terengganu!

I am not sure why but Kuala Terengganu folks seem to like their containers. Qawa coffee is another hipster-container spot to eat in Kuala Terengganu. I stumbled upon this place accidentally somewhere in 2016 when I was wandering around the city area. It sells coffee, dessert and sandwiches and you can bring the food and drinks to the 2nd floor air-conditioned level or to the rooftop open-air level. On the second level, there is a mini gallery where you can find old memorabilia which might trigger your childhood memories. This place is my personal favourite that make it into 5 places to eat in Terengganu list!

Qawa Coffee is located at 1482, Jalan Budiman, Kampung Mengabang Tengah, 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Waze Qawa Coffee to find this unique place!

Fauzi Nasi Kerabu – #nasikerabutersedapdidunia

Nasi kerabu is one of the national dishes of Kelantan but it made into this list. Why? Because the official hashtag of this eatery is #nasikerabutersedapdidunia. Reason being, they are listed as one of the best 50 street food in the World Street Food Congress 2017. It is open from 6.00 am until 1.00 pm. Oh, don’t forget to try the grilled beef. You might ask for a second plate!

Fauzi Nasi Kerabu is served hot and can be found at Kampung Kolam, 20000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Waze Fauzi Nasi Kerabu to feast on this cheap and delicious east coast delicacy. And the grilled beef – yummylicious!

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Dynar Lekor – traditional way of cooking

Dynar Lekor, or some called as BTB is another spot to go if you plan to eat in Kuala Terengganu. Why? First of all, there are many choices of keropok lekor – boiled, original, cheese, cheezy poppers etc. You will easily get confused and might end up order everything. The boiled keropok lekor is also a must-try since they are freshly boiled and it tastes so good especially when eaten hot. Lastly, they use traditional way of cooking using firewood and where else can you find this? As keropok lekor is considered as the national snack of Terengganu, a visit here as one of the 5 places to eat in Terengganu is a must!

Dynar Lekor or Keropok Lekor BTB is situated at Lot 8292 Seberang Takir Darul Iman., Kampung Bukit Tok Beng, 21300 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Just Waze Dynar Lekor or BTB to get here. The boiled Keropok Lekor is delicious when eaten hot. The original fried keropok lekor is also crispy and tender. You should try!

Warung Pok Nong – definitely one of the 5 places to eat in Terengganu

When people mentioned ICT in Kuala Terengganu, they do not refer to the i-city in Shah Alam or Information and Communication Technology. In Kuala Terengganu, ICT refers to Ikan Celup Tepung. There are many shops selling ICT and some people said that the best spot is the one near the airport. However, there is another spot worth mentioned here. It is Warung Pok Nong. The place is so famous and there are a lot of people lining up just to get their freshly fried seafood. It is situated exactly beside the South China Sea and the atmosphere is very breezy. It opens at 3.00 pm until 8.00 pm and closes on Tuesday.

Warung Pok Nong is located at A1693 Jalan Pantai, T145, Kampung Teliput, 21030 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Waze Warung Pok Nong to get here but you must come early or long line awaits. Oh, and try the squid! 2 plates are not enough, trust me on this!

So, where are the places which you should go if you plan to eat in Kuala Terenggganu? ALL OF IT!

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