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A Quaint Little Town

Windermere is a very quaint little town. When I first arrived, I thought “this looks a lot like Cameron Highlands!“. Well, it does. After all, Windermere is situated on a hilly area and surrounded by mountain peaks and villages. There are small streams running at some areas of the town. It is the best place to stay if not to retire. They also has one of the best fish and chips in Windermere!

Walking towards Millbeck Guest House

Before coming to Windermere, I have already made a booking at Millbeck Guest House through It costed us 64.80 pounds per night. After exiting the train station, it was raining heavily. Apart from us and a few locals, there was another group of Japanese tourists who are planning to stay at Windermere too. Amira and I waited at the train station together with the others until the rain had subsided.

The rain was quite heavy and it was very gloomy. After all, it was winter and the sun set earlier than usual. In that moment, I was thinking of having fish and chips. It must be delicious having fish and chips in that kind of weather. But I still did not know where is the best fish and chips in Windermere.

A few minutes later, we saw the Japanese group had started moving. The rain had became less intense and we decided to follow suit. Gladly, I had written the detailed directions to Millbeck on my itinerary.

Directions to Millbeck Guest House: On leaving the railway station, turn left. Continue past the Tourist Information Centre and The Elleray Hotel and follow the road down. Keep left at The Queens public house and pass Barclays Bank and The Co-op food store. Keep straight ahead for aprox 300 meters and turn left at The Ellerthwaite Lodge Hotel onto Ellerthwaite Road. After a further 300 meters, turn right onto the continuation of Ellerthwaite Road. Millbeck is located 50 meters further down on the right hand side.

That direction was given by Howard, the owner of the guesthouse. He did not want us to get lost in this small town, so he helped us by giving a very detailed directions. I could imagine the paths even before I was there!

Millbeck Guest House

After walking for around 20 minutes, we finally arrived at Millbeck Guest House. It was such a lovely house. Upon arrival, we pressed the doorbell and Howard greeted us. He brought us to the dining area, told us about the ground rules and showed us to our room.

It was our first time staying in an English house. Normally, such houses were seen when we watched TV shows but this time, we were in it. It was so different with Malaysian’s houses. At Millbeck, the floors were fully carpeted and we wore our shoes inside the house. Nonetheless, Millbeck Guest House was spotless, homey and Horward was very kind and accommodating!

Check out my review of Millbeck on Trip Advisor here.

Dinner – the best fish and chips in Windermere!

For dinner, we did not know where to go. Howard told us that we could go to Windermere town where they have an Indian restaurant and a shawarma restaurant. Another option would be at “the Bowness-on-Windermere town where they offers the best fish and chips in Windermere“, as Howard put it.

We decided that we would choose the second option since we planned to have breakfast and lunch at Windermere town. From Millbeck Guest House, we turned right and just walked straight ahead, passing some houses, a Catholic and an Anglican church and sometimes, empty land. At times, it was so deserted and only Amira and I would be walking along the street.

After 20 minutes, we saw a town and we knew that we had arrived at Bowness-on-Windermere. However, we could not find any fish and chip restaurants. We just saw a pizzeria and there was a girl in hijab in there. Amira wanted to go there but I was so determined to try and find the fish and chips restaurant.

Finally, we saw Vinegar Jones with a huge Halal sign on its glass window. “Ah, this must be it!“, I thought and showed Amira. None of other restaurants have Halal signage except for Vinegar Jones. We entered and saw the menu. The price was very reasonable. We ordered one fish and chips and one chicken pie with chips. The taste? Simply awesome. Vinegar Jones truly has the best fish and chips in Windermere.

Check out my review of Vinegar Jones on Trip Advisor here.

Back to Millbeck

After dinner, I thought of going to Costa Coffee and grab a cup of coffee. However, I was let down because when I arrived at the outlet, it was closed although the time was 9.00 pm! So, we walked back to Millbeck while still praising the food at Vinegar Jones.

Anyway, there was a drama on our way back. You see, Bowness-on-Windermere is a really small town on the countryside and by 9.00 pm, everything was dead. Suddenly, whilst walking, there was a couple arguing and quarreling by the road side. I walked slowly with Amira and tried to avoid eye contact. Suddenly, the man screamed at his partner and both of us quicken our pace. It was quite scary actually, considering how bulky the man is as compared to how fatty I am!

And did I tell you there is even a Pandora outlet in Bowness-on-Windermere? It is like having a Pandora outlet at Baling in Kedah or some other small town in Malaysia. Impressive, I would say.

Good night!

Back at Millbeck, we switched on the television but found nothing interesting to watch. I went into the bathroom to bath but almost got frozen because I did not know how to switch on the water heater. After bathing, we both Facetimed our family members before calling it a day.

Tomorrow would be going to be another long day!

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