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Arriving at Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Charleroi Airport is not the main airport of Brussels but most budget carriers flew into this airport. After we passed the immigration and got our passports stamped, we proceeded to the taxi stand outside. There were so many questions asked by the immigration about our visit. Most importantly, they asked us whether we have money for the journey and asked us to show our credit cards. There were army personnel around the airport. One thing that stood out was that I saw a lot of Muslims at the airport, probably from Turkey or some Middle East countries.

Checking-in at Ibis Budget Charleroi Airport Hotel

Since we planned to go to Brugge first and because we arrived Brussels at night, we decided to stay for a night at Ibis Budet Charleroi Airport Hotel. We paid 52,90 Euros for a night prior to us coming to Europe. At the airport, we walked to the taxi stand and asked one of the drivers there. “Taxi to Ibis Budget Charleroi Airport Hotel?“, I asked. “12 Euros?“, he asked me back. Wait, I thought haggling only happened in Kuala Lumpur but yet, here in Brussels, the taxi driver seemed to haggle the price with me.

I knew that Ibis Budget was close to the airport but there is no direct route. Taxis had to make a longer journey just to get to the hotel. “No meter?“, I asked back, hoping that he will use the meter. “No, no meter. Okay, 10 Euros?” he made a final offer. I did not want to prolong the haggling, so I just said “Okay” and off we went in his taxi.

When we arrived at Ibis Budget Charleroi Airport Hotel, the gate was closed. We pressed the intercom and informed them that we wanted to check-in. They opened the gate and we dragged our luggage into the hotel compound. The weather was freezing since it was close to midnight.

Short review on Ibis Budget Charleroi Airport Hotel

In short, the hotel can be summed up as follows:

The hotel was very comfortable even for a short stay and it was very near to the airport. The front desk was friendly and helpful and it was very secured since the main gate was locked when I arrived at night.

There were vending machines for hot drinks, cold drinks and hot food. The room was clean. The bed and pillow were comfortable and the size was extremely shocking for us since I imagined a much smaller room but turned out the room size was perfect.

The bathroom and toilet are separated but it was clean and well maintained.

The only set back for me was the transportation from the airport. I had to take a taxi since there was no other mean of transport and despite its distance to the airport, there is no direct access.

Pleasant night at the hotel

Although it is a budget hotel, we had a very pleasant night at the hotel. Before going to sleep, I browsed through the Internet to check on any hotel to stay at Brugge since we were going to the city of Brugge the next morning. We had made a booking at a hostel but our experience at the London’s hostel made us think twice. After praying hard that we would get a room (many hotels were already full), finally, we booked for two nights at Adornes Hotel.

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  1. Jari manis Reply

    Siap tanya bwk berapa byk duit? Kalau x de credit card ckp jek ek? Ke dorang risau kita masuk sana nk dia ingat yg travel masuk ni x berduit ? ..Brussel! Versngan dulu la..kita x mampu

    • Kalau takde kredit kad kita tunjuk kad debit je JM. Hahaah. Kalau tak pun kita tunjuk mykad. Cakap ada duit dlm ni. Duit touch n go. Hahaa

  2. Jari manis Reply

    Adehlaaa..teksi x bermeter ni yg mencekik..paling benci bila bwk route jauh nk menipu..kalau pakai meter bwk route jauh tetap dia untung..isk

  3. Jari manis Reply

    Ermm..kenapa x buat early booking? Kalau sis JM la kan mmg x leh nk book on the spot camtu x nk ambil risiko

    • Sebab masa kat London kitorang booking skali tempat dia azabbb. Hahaha. So yg dh booking kita cancelkan ajee

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