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Saturday, 18th February 2017

To the romantic city of Brugge on our 10th day in Europe

We woke up early in the morning. It had been cold all night and the Ibis Budget Charleroi Airport Hotel was very comfortable, we slept soundly through the night. After packing our clothes and ate a packet of Brahim’s nasi lemak, soak in hot water in the sink to reheat it, we proceeded to check-out from the hotel. We asked the receptionist to book a taxi for us to go back to the airport. No, we were not flying to another destination. Instead, we were going to take the Flibco bus to go to Brugge. This time around, we were charged 8 Euros for the journey to the airport.

Brugge or Bruges is the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium. It did not occur to me to visit the city earlier on but when I was drafting my itinerary, Dee Dee, a friend of mine suggested us to visit Brugge. When I googled the city, it looked so adorable with the canals and heritage buildings all over the city.

Brugge is around two hours by bus from Brussels. We made the right decision in using the Flibco bus. It was so comfortable and so cheap. It costed us 5 Euros each for the two hours bus journey. There is a dedicated bus stop near the Brussels Charleroi Airport and we had to queue according to our destination.

When the bus arrived, we boarded the bus to the romantic city of Brugge.

Which hotel to stay at Brugge? We suggest Adornes Hotel!

Being one of the tourists hot spot in Belgium, there are many hotels and hostels in Brugge. Most of the accommodations are situated in the heritage buildings. Yet, when people asked us “which hotel to stay at Brugge?“, we will definitely recommend Adornes Hotel!

So, after the bus left Brussels and passed through the city of Ghent (another beautiful city which we decided not to visit), we arrived at the Brugge train station. The train station itself is a combination of modern and traditional architecture. We walked through the station until we saw the taxi sign and went there to get a taxi. This time around, the taxi used meter! Hooray!

The driver was a Korean guy who migrated to Belgium when he was younger. I realized that there are three languages on the signboards at Brussels Charleroi Airport, so I asked him “why are there three languages on the signboards?“. He told me that “in Belgium, half of the country speaks Flemish which is like Dutch language and half speaks French“. And that fact really caught my interest before he added “and to make it easier for everyone including visitors, we put English too!“. No wonder there are different languages on many signboards.

So, do you speak Flemish or French?“, I asked him back. “I speak Flemish since I am staying at this area. But I do understand a little bit of French”, he answered. “Any kids? Do your family still speak Korean?“, I asked further. “Unfortunately, only my wife and I still speak Korean. The kids are not interested in speaking the language“, he said, bitterly.

I understood his bitterness. I could relate to that. My paternal great grandfather came from Java. When I was a kid, my grandmother and father used to teach me to speak Javanese. However, I was too shy to learn the language and distanced myself from it. When I got older and realized it was a heritage, a privilege in fact to be able to speak another language, I regretted my decision of not taking up Javanese. So, kids, learn if your parents asked you too!

Adornes Hotel, Brugge – simply astonishing

My eyes kept looking at the meter. The meter was placed under the rear view mirror and the numbers were really small. After 10 minutes of driving, we entered into the heritage area of Brugge. The old part of the city. When I reached there, I thought “this looks like Melaka but on a larger, older scale“. We even passed through the hostels that we booked earlier but decided not to stay at.

Suddenly, the taxi stopped beside a canal. “Ok, Adornes Hotel“, said the driver and showed us the fare – around 13 Euros. We stepped out of the  taxi and looked at the building and the surroundings. Yes, we made the right decision. Adornes Hotel is the best hotel to stay at Brugge.

Summary Review of Adornes Hotel, Brugge

Checking in

We entered into the hotel and a friendly receptionist greeted us. She processed our payment of 318.48 Euros for two nights and given us our room number – No. 15, and room key. She told us that breakfast is provided every morning and we could also use the free bicycle service to explore the old town area. Check-in was really a breeze and before we knew it, we were already inside the elevator, ready to go to our room No. 15.

The room and bathroom

We walked along the corridor to our room. It felt exactly like in the movies, walking along the corridor in an old heritage building with the beam being exposed. Nevertheless, still the best hotel to stay at Brugge for me. We saw the sign showing our room number – 15, and we opened the door.

The door slowly opened and “Wow! Wow!”, were the first two words that came out of my mouth. The room was huge. It is facing the main road and the canal. There are two single beds, combined, a sofa, a TV. The bathroom is also splendid. It has a bath and all the amenities required. No wonder Hotel Adornes’ tagline is “Home away from home“. It did feel like home to me.

The best feature of the hotel for Amira is the view. The view of the canal and the huge tree was really magnificent.

The location

The location of the hotel is right in the middle of the Brugge Old Town. When I made the booking, I did not realize how central the location is. However, when we arrived, the receptionist gave us a map and she showed us the hotel’s location and the attractions nearby. It is very near to each other and with winter’s weather, it would be a breeze walking.

So, after we put our luggage and belongings in the room, rested for a few minutes, we decided to go out and see what Brugge has to offer.

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  1. Jari Manis Reply

    okey..noted this hotel..lokasi sgt best..bilik besar..heaven!! adehh bila dapat peluang pergi negara sejuk lagi ni…

    • khai pun teringin nak pergi negara sejuk lagi. winter jacker dok simpan je dalamalmari tu hahahah. kalau rindu sangat kita bukak ekon kuat2 pakai winter jacket lah hahahaa

      hotel tu best JM!! hehe

  2. Hi !
    We just read your reviews about our hotel and the city of Brugge, it’s really wonderful !
    Almost one year ago since you were guests @ the Adornes hotel,… time goes fast,.. but you have nice memories of course !
    Always welcome ,
    best wishes from Nathalie and Kim

    • Hai Nat and Kim!! Yeahh a year has passed but we still remember it because they were the best memories ever. Thank you for your hospitality. Hopefully we will return someday!

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