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Bruges as a walking city

Bruges is amazing as a walking city. Cars were driven slowly and the city has many pedestrians-friendly street where motorized vehicles are prohibited from entering. Not only that, some streets are also off-limit to cyclist. It is safe and easy to walk around the city.

A visit to the Markt Square

So, after taking our OOTD shots and walking together, holding hands around the city, we finally arrived at the Markt Square. Markt Square is situated in the centre of Bruges and it is where every important events are held. In fact, as we arrived, preparations were being made for a marathon event, scheduled to be held in a few days time.

Markt Square is very lively place. From the place where we stood, we could see heaps of activities happening. People walking, hugging, talking, kissing – all sorts of activities were happening at the same time. There are also a lot of restaurants around the square where they provide for al fresco dining even during winter.

Amira and I walked towards an empty bench, trying to breath normally as the air was getting cold. We sat on the bench and looked around. “Look dear, the belfry of Bruges. Looks so amazing, isn’t it?“, I asked my wife whilst pointing at the tower clock which is the highest point from where we sat. “Yes, sayang. Looks so historical“, she answered before adding “Don’t tell me that you have plan to climb the Belfry!“.

That’s the thing about wives. They knew things even before we said it. Indeed, I planned to climb the Belfry, but not today since we just reached the city and I wanted to walk around the city first. Then, I saw a Godiva shop. “Why don’t we have a look at Godiva first?” I asked her, trying to distract her from her question a moment ago. The thing is, I love to hike but she is not. I guess she was afraid if I forced her to hike, just like what happened in Windermere, causing her to burst into tears.

Godiva in Bruges

Gladly, she agreed and so, we walked from the Markt Square to the Godiva store. Chocolates in Malaysia’s Godiva are very expensive. Nevertheless, I was told that Godiva in Bruges are cheap. So, I would like to see how cheap Godiva in Bruges is.

Hello, welcome to Godiva“, a smiley girl greeted us. “Hi!“, we answered and smiled back at her. We looked around and saw many chocolates. I am a chocolate lover and coming to Godiva in Bruges is like entering the chocolate heaven for me.

I looked at the price and I thought “this is cheap!“. Even after conversion, the price is cheaper than in Malaysia. For example, a box of the square chocolate is priced at RM 55 in Malaysia. That is around 11,40 Euros. However, the same chocolate is being sold for 4 Euros here. That is a very huge different. So, Amira and I started picking some and gave the chocolates to the salesgirl. I even ordered a cup of hot chocolate with a free small chocolate bar.

All in all, we bought a lot of chocolates as souvenirs for our family, friends and of course, ourselves.

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    “walking together, holding hands around the city” sweetnya….sesuai sgt khai travel dgn wife tu 🙂

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