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An unexpected attraction in Bruges

Remember in the last part, Amira and I went to Godiva and we bought chocolates there? Yes, we bought bulks of chocolates which we planned to give to our family and friends. Unfortunately, some chocolates were eaten when we walked around Bruges after visiting the Markt Square. We walked and saw some souvenir shops and bought some postcards. Some of the postcards were posted to our friends and one postcard was posted to our future selves. Until, we saw an unexpected attraction near the souvenir shop.

Torture Museum Bruges – a unique museum

I looked at the signboard which says “Torture Museum Oude Steen”. The museum is situated in the basement. Amira and I went closer and we heard the eerie music and the horrible photos displayed. I wanted to see the museum but Amira seemed reluctant.

Sayang, come let’s accompany me to go to this museum“, I gently persuaded her. She looked at the photos, the basement and me and replied “Hmm… no, I don’t think so. It is okay, abang. You go ahead and I will just wait around here“. I looked at the entrance to the Tourture Museum Bruges. A hanging torture-cage greeted every visitor to the museum. “I really want to go inside but it looks scary“, I chuckled nervously.

How much is the ticket price?“, Amira asked me. I looked at the information on the board, “8 Euros, sayang“, I told her and added, “If you accompany me, I will pay for your entrance ticket“. Upon hearing that, Amira agreed and we walked to the basement together and went into Torture Museum Bruges.

Is Torture Museum Bruges scary?

Upon entering, I was surprised. Although the eerie music was still being played in the museum, there were a lot of people inside. I thought it would be deserted but I as wrong. I even jokingly told Amira: “Had I know there are many people inside this museum, I would just go alone!“.

Yet, I could still feel the freakish feeling of looking at torturing equipment inside the museum. The museum exhibits all the torturing methods used during the dark ages in Europe. Most of the equipment inside the Torture Museum Bruges were the real things used during those days. I could summarise the museum as very informative despite its spine-chilling exhibitions.

After all, the Museum is housed in one of the oldest European prisons, “De Oude Steen” or “The Old Stone”. So, the gripping exhibition of cruel instruments used to cause unbelievable pain and suffering on human body and mind, as they put it, really made me feel unsettling.

We continued walking in romantic Bruges

After spending around an hour in the museum and visited each and every horrifying instruments used to torture people, we decided to continue our walking journey in Bruges. We walked along the canal again and as the sun set and portrayed a romantic ambiance, so did our heart.

We just walked and talked until we realized that we were already exiting the buffer zone area. In other words, we were exiting the old city and entering the new city. Since we did not want to go to the new city, we went back to the old city of Bruges, bought a kebab and walked back to the hotel before calling it a night.

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Torture Museum Bruges opens everyday from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm. In July and August, the museum opens until 9.00 pm. The entrance fee is 8 Euros per adult. For more info, click here.


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