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Sunday, 19th February 2017

Some of the amazing things to do in Bruges

Our 11th day in Europe and our second day in Bruges. Some of the things that can be done in Bruges were explained in my previous posts. Eventually, there are so many things to do in Bruges, even if you are visiting the city for a day. For part 39 of my travelogue, I will write a list post on amazing things to do in Bruges – even if you have one day. All the following activities were done during my second day in Bruges.

OOTD Photoshoots

Since Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has many heritage buildings, some as old as 14th century or earlier. With many old buildings scattered around the old town, Bruges provides a great opportunity for visitors to take OOTD photoshoots around the city. The blend between your outfit of the day and the backdrop of historical building really mixed well. Thus, OOTD photoshoot tops the amazing things to do in Bruges.

Visit Historium at Markt Square

If in the last post I suggested a visit to the Torture Museum, this time, I suggest visitors to Bruges to visit Historium, located at the Markt Square. Historium is a museum unlike others since it combines medieval history in Bruges with interactive methods so that visitors can feel how life was back in the medieval ages. Visitors will walk inside the museum according to the storyline to explore the golden ages of Bruges. The entrance costs 14 Euros. Check out Historium official website here.

Eat waffles and ice cream

Belgian waffles are famous all over the world for its crispy yet lighter batter and deeper pockets. As a city in Belgium, eating waffles and ice cream here is one of the amazing things to do in Bruges. After all, a waffle without any syrup costs as low as 1 Euro while adding syrup or other condiments will cost you less than 5 Euros. Make sure to eat waffle when in Bruges.

Embark on a romantic boat ride

Since Bruges is a canal city, there are many canals crossing the city. It portrays a romantic ambiance and coupled that with the heritage buildings, any couple will turn into lovebirds. As compared to Venice and its gondola, the boat ride in Bruges is very affordable. It costs only 8 Euros for a 20-minute boat ride. The ride will bring you along the canal and see the old buildings from a different perspective. If it is your first time visiting Bruges, I would recommend this as one of the amazing things to do in Bruges.

Eat mussels

This is seriously one of the must-do things to do in Bruges. The mussels in Bruges are excellently cooked and the price is very cheap. The portion is also large enough to be shared by two persons. On my first day in Bruges, I tried the mussels at a restaurant near the statue of Hans Memling. On this day, I tried the mussels at a restaurant near the tour bout entrance. The price? 19,50 Euros for a big pot of mussels and fries!

Climb the Belfry of Bruges (Belfort van Brugge)

 Belfry of Bruges is the main clock tower at the Markt Square. It is also one of the highest points in Bruges. I decided to climb the Belfry since I really wanted to see how the bell operates and also how the city looks like from above. The price ticket to climb the Belfry of Bruges is 10 Euros per person. Before your climb, make sure to have your stamina ready since you have to climb 366 steps of narrow and steep staircase. Upon reaching the top though, the view is very breathtaking. Well, literally breathtaking after climbing 366 steps!

Cycle around the city

Some hotels in Bruges provide free bicycles and bicycles lanes are ready throughout the inner city. It is very easy to cycle in Bruges since everyone respects and gives way to cyclist. The only problem is cycling on a cobblestone road is sometimes tricky and some of the roads are off-limit to bicycles. So, check the signs properly and you can venture out farther than walking.

What is next?

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and start to plan your trip to Bruges today. Some people say one day is enough. Not for me, though. 2 nights in Bruges is better as you can visit more places and relax more in this laid back city. There are a lot of things to do in Bruges!

As for Amira and I, after I bought two kebabs, a waffle and some fries for dinner (she did not follow me to climb the Belfry), we slept for the last time in the splendid Adornes Hotel. Tomorrow morning, our journey would continue in Brussels.

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  1. Jari Manis Reply

    kiranya kat Bruges ni lebih kepada view senibina bangunan yang mmg ‘lawa’..mmg x jumpa kat msia design bangunan mcm ni….ke ada kat Bukit Tinggi 🙂

    • Tak sama sis JM! Kat Bukit Tinggi tu lebih macam Perancis tapi masih tak sama.. maybe feel dia kot haha

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