Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, where nightmare turns to sweet dreams

Have you heard of Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur?

If I were to ask people about Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, everyone would know everything about the hotel – from the location to the price and the good experiences often associated with the hotel. However, when I ask people about Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, some will raise their eyebrows and asked: “Where is that hotel?“. “Is it a new hotel?”. Indeed, Hotel Stripes is a new hotel and it is now getting more and more exposure since a lot of people gave high praises to the hotel.

Where is it?

Recently, I had the opportunity to stay at Hotel Stripes and needless to stay, it was fantastic. I stayed for a night but a night at the hotel feels like a week! A lot of questions that people asked me about the hotel is “where is the hotel?”. Hotel Stripes is situated right smack in the middle of the city. It is situated opposite Kampung Baru, at Jalan Kamunting.

When I drove to the hotel, I saw two easiest ways to go to the hotel by public transportation. First, we can take the KL Monorail and disembark at Medan Tuanku Station. Exit towards Exim bank building and walk to the back area of Exim Bank. Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur is just a mere 5 minute-walking from the monorail station.

Another option is to take the LRT and stop at Dang Wangi station. Despite being further than Medan Tuanku station, it is still convenient to go to the hotel from this station.

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Where to park if I am driving?

I drove to the hotel and the first thought when I reached the hotel was “where can I park my car?“. This is due to the fact that parking space is very scarce. When I was at the hotel, I parked illegally at one of the shophouses. Upon checked-in, I ask the receptionist about the parking issue.

Oh, here we use valet service. You just give your car key to the car jockey and they will park for you. After check-out, you pay to the car-jockey. It is RM 10 per day“, the receptionist explained. No wonder there were not so many cars outside when I stayed there! Everything has been taken care of. Feel indulged yet?

Checking-in and the room

Checking-in at the hotel was really smooth. The receptionists were very friendly and they were kind enough to answer any questions that I had related to the hotel. Initially, I was supposed to stay at the Deluxe room but upon checking-in, I was told that I was upgraded and assigned to an Executive Deluxe room.

There are five types of rooms available at Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur and a total of 184 bespoke guest rooms and suites featuring a unique blend of contemporary design and urban chic which reflects the history and character of the neighbourhood. The room categories are deluxe, executive deluxe, studio, executive studio, and Stripes Suites.

As soon as I entered my room, I was left in awe.

Executive Deluxe room

There are a lot of things which caused me to be awed with my room. Firstly, it is large. Like, really large. The decor and the arrangement of things are well-thought of too. Although the room has no bathtub, it has a great power shower. The shower bath and shampoo are the same as the ones in Majestic Hotel except that they are fixed to the wall.

Apart from that, it has a small coffee machine which makes it easier for a coffee lover like me to have a coffee-fix anytime. The view from the room is also splendid and lastly, it has an old photo of Kuala Lumpur which really make me thinking of the yesteryears in this favourite city of mine.

Another thing that I love about this hotel is that as with her sister hotel i.e. Majestic Hotel, it has a paper bag apart from the usual laundry bag. It might be nothing for some but for me, having a paper bag with the hotel’s name printed on the bag is something amazing and very useful.

Le goûter at Brasserie 25

Brasserie 25 is the main restaurant at Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur. Breakfast, tea time and dinner are served here. It is said to be the place where the essence of traditional and hearty French food is captured in a relaxed mood. The dishes are said to be inspired by fresh, locally produced ingredients.

So, I went and had Le goûter or tea-time in French at Brasserie 25. Le goûter is the speciality of the hotel where they served afternoon tea with a French twist. First, they served me with a glass of iced lemon tea to cool off the afternoon heat and a cup of cappuccino. A moment later, a waitress came and she served me with an array of local and French-inspired pastries such as sardine puff, risotto balls, chicken roll and a chicken slice and cheese sandwich.

Since I was alone, I had a very hard time finishing all the food but I still (almost) managed to finish them all with a big appetite of mine. I thought, “there is nothing to lose if I finish everything” and just when I was resting to enable all the food to be processed in my tummy, a waitress came and served me with a tray of French pastries!

The choices are simply wonderful and I had a hard time picking my pastry after she dutifully explained the name of the pastries one by one. I chose three pastries because I was quite full them. Still, it was a very wonderful experience. It was truly a luxurious indulgence experience for me.

The swimming pool and the gym

After the evening tea, I rested in my room for a while before going to the rooftop pool to check on it. The swimming pool is on the rooftop and it has a very awesome view of the KL skylines. The only difference between Hotel Stripes and the other hotels in KL is that instead of the twin towers, the focal point of the pool is the KL Tower.

Nevertheless, the view from the pool is really breathtaking. Apart from that, there is also Mantao bar besides the pool. Just imagine sipping a cold drink overlooking Kuala Lumpur’s bright night skyline. That is a serious indulgence.

As for the gym, it is also fully equipped with modern pieces of equipment though I did not personally try them.

A really nice hotel

To sum everything up, Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur is a very indulging hotel. I had the opportunity to ask the duty manager on the previous usage of the building which the hotel now sits. She told me that it used to be an abandoned building. Her answer surprised me. From an abandoned building to an Autograph Collection hotel, Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur had done well.

It is true that Hotel Stripes has taken cues from the community’s heritage, integrating the energy and culture of urban living into its foundation. It really features a distinctive vibe and character with a different perspective on the local scenes, mixed with a bit of edgy style and adventure.

If people ask me to recommend a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, I will not hesitate to suggest Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur!

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Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur is one of the Autograph Collection hotels and is managed by YTL Hotels. It is situated at 25, Jalan Kamunting, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Rating (Maximum 5 stars):

  • Value for money: 5 stars
  • Location: 4 stars
  • Customer service: 5 stars
  • Security: 4 stars
  • Cleanliness: 5 stars
  • Facilities: 4.5 stars
  • F&B:  4.5

Overall: 91%


I would like to thank Ms Cara Lee and the management of Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur for the opportunity to stay at the hotel. All views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. ‘Where To Stay‘ is the series for accommodation reviews by Kaki Jalans.


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