Eating Thai Food

Visiting Karon Viewpoint…not!

Initially, we thought that we wanted to go to the Karon View Point and see the sunset view before the sun fully set. However, we got lost until it turned dark. We stopped by a 7-Eleven and had our first taste of local convenient store’s Thai food. Still yummy! My friends were quite disappointed since they could not visit Karon Viewpoint but I did not, having visited the viewpoint back in 2012.

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Looking for a place to eat Thai Food

I am a fan of Thai food and have been eating Thai food ever since I was a kid. I have been accustomed to their sweet, sour and spicy styles of cooking. Phuket has a large Muslims community so, looking for a halal food should not be a problem.

At least, that was what we thought it should be. However, upon riding our scooter from one end to another, helplessly looking at Waze which Fazli was using to lead us, it led us to nowhere. Literally. We stopped by the road side for a while and decided to ask a local.

Halal food, you know where?“, we asked one of the villagers. With hand gestures, he tried to show us where it is. From the gestures, it appears that the place is not too far away.

Finally, halal Thai food!

We rode our scooter back from nowhere to the main road. Our eyes wildly searched for signs of halal eateries. Suddenly, I saw the signs. Colourful fluorescent lamps and women cladding the tudung. Halallllll!” I shouted from my scooter to the others.

The stall is on the opposite side of the road. So, we made a U-Turn and parked our scooters. We ordered a lot of dishes to satisfy our cravings. If you are new to Thai food, let me suggest you to order these:

  • Tom Yam Kung
  • Omelette
  • Squid tempura
  • Kailan salted fish

And Cha Yen (Iced tea) for the drinks!

Back to the Hotel

We had our cravings satisfied at the stall. The food was good. As long as it is Thai food and cooked with the correct amount of sauce and chilli as per the locals cooking, it will turn out amazing.

We soon rode our scooter back to the hotel, riding along the dark stretch from Patong to Karon, when suddenly, Vellan fell right in front of Novotel Karon Phuket Resort and Spa! Even the security guard was caught off guard and ran to help helpless Vellan. Pity him!

Next thing we knew, we arrived at the hotel with bleeding Vellan. I attended to him (gladly I bought first aid kit) and Fazli and Ashley attended to the scooter. They had to, otherwise we will have to pay for the damage fee!


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