Man, lady or both? A night at Bangla Road!

Before the hotel, there was Bangla Road

In my last post, I wrote that we went back to our hotel after dinner. I browsed through all the photos again and I was surprised! I missed an important part of our journey – a night at Bangla Road! A night where we had confused moments and shocking revelation.

Jungceylon Mall musical fountain show

Before we went to Bangla Road, first we head to Jungceylon Mall. Jungceylon is the main shopping mall in Phuket and situated in the heart of Patong. It is clean and big by Malaysian standard. Apart from that, it has many shops with local brands and well-known brands.

We went to Jungceylon because we wanted to see one of the major attractions at the mall – the musical fountain show. The musical fountain show at Jungceylon Mall plays everyday at 7.00 pm. It is an amazing show, combining lights, music and water shows in one show and with the ship as the backdrop, it was amazing. Plus, it is FREE!

Maybe it is not as extravagant as the one in KLCC but still, it is worth to watch the show.

Read the review about the musical fountain show here

A Night at Bangla Road

From the mall, it is just a small walk away to the infamous Bangla Road. Why infamous? Well, while many people love the lively ambiance and the party-all-night attitude at Bangla Road, it is infamous for its abundance of tiger shows, ping pong shows and… lady boys!

Lady boys are… well, lady boys. They are everywhere at Bangla Road, looking for customers out in the open. Some of them just stand, some of them dance and some are doing pole dancing. Whatever it is, they will almost always mistakenly identified as women. In fact, some of them are so pretty, even prettier than real women (no offence).

In my first visit to Phuket in 2012, my bestfriend was grabbed by a ladyboy who loves his boyish appearances!

From what I saw, Bangla Road has changed a lot since my first visit in 2012. In just 4 years, a lot have changed. It has become more commercialized, more Westernized (much like Khao San Road in Bangkok) and definitely more people than before.

Still, some things never changed – like the abundance of bars, sexually charged shows and the lady boys.

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

Since most of us have been to Phuket before, we just walked along Bangla Road and people-watched before going to the beach. We took some time sitting on the soft sand and talked about our lives. It was a very relaxing moment, talking to each other with the sound of waves as the orchestra.

Soon, we found ourselves walking around Patong and we ended at Hard Rock Cafe. We did not go in because it was full house but since the music was played near the balcony area, we enjoyed the live band for a while.

If you are a fan of Hard Rock Cafe, you should get a souvenir here.

Back to the hotel

I am not lazy to write, seriously. But the last two paragraphs of the previous post should be here. Maybe it is best for you to read the previous post for continuity. Peace out!


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