A Guideline for a 2 Weeks Eurotrip

For us Asians or specifically Malaysians, going to Europe is like a dream comes true. Being separated by land for around 10,000 km apart, a trip to Europe is not like a ‘buy today-go tomorrow’ trip. We need proper plannings and maximise our stay. This will ensure that we get the best memories out of the trip. Having been to Europe back in 2017, here is a guideline on which country to visit for a 2 weeks Eurotrip.

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2 Weeks Eurotrip starts with the Netherlands

Our two weeks Eurotrip journey started at the Netherlands. We visited the capital, Amsterdam. Such a lovely city. We walked around the canals, went to the museum, took photos at the I Love Amsterdam sign, walking pass the red light district. We also tried the public transportation and did some shopping there.

Apart from Amsterdam, we ventured out a bit and visited Zaanse Schans. At Zaanse Schans, apart from enjoying the windmills view, we tried the cheese and went inside one of the windmills.

We also visited the town of Muiden where an old castle called as Muiderslot sits. Since there are not so many old castles in the Netherlands, we included a visit to Muiderslot just to satisfy our fairy tales dreams.

Next Stop, Germany

When people are visiting the Netherlands, some might visit Germany and go to cities like Frankfurt which is more modern and closer. We decided not to and did the unthinkable. We took a 7-hour bus ride to the city of Berlin. The reason? I really wanted to see the Berlin Wall! Bucketlist checked, finally!

Again, why visit only one city when you can visit more, right? So, we visited Potsdam too as the city is closer to Berlin. I have never heard of Potsdam before and when I went there, I was shocked to know that it is also a historical city! A major event during the cold war happened there! Can you guess what it is?

Third country: France

No, I am not saying that France is a third world country. I am telling you that France is the third country that we visited. We did another crazier thing by taking a bus from Berlin to Paris. The ticket was cheap but the journey was a pain-in-the-butt one. Literally. We only had a day trip in Paris and to maximise our touristy visit, we got on the Big Bus Tour – a hop on hop off bus.

God Save The Queen…of the United Kingdom!

We are now in the middle of the 2 weeks Eurotrip journey! And for first time visitors to Europe, United Kingdom – specifically London is a must! After all, we have all been amazed by the city whilst watching Mr. Bean since we were kids until all of us are full grown adults, right?

In London, if you love shopping, like my wife does, a visit to Primark is a must! We spent almost 3 hours in Primark. Crazy not-so-rich Asians!

Since the UK or the English specifically, speak… English, it is easy to manoeuvre the country. If you have some spare time like us did, do visit the countryside. We enjoyed staying at Windermere for a night, although my wife disagrees with me when I said we should retire there.

Finally, Belgium!

A unique country where half of the country speak a different language from the other. During our visit, we visited Brugge, which is a very romantic city. Clean and pretty sights.

After two nights of romantic stroll, we visited the bustling Brussels where we had fun walking around and looking at the peculiar statue of a kid pissing – all that whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating Belgian Chocolates which raw materials did not actually come from Belgium.

Plan carefully to have the best 2 weeks Eurotrip journey!

These are the places to go if you are planning to go on a 2-week Eurotrip. If you find this helpful, do comment below. If you are interested in looking at my ‘raw’ itinerary and maybe have some ideas to plan your trip, you can download it here.


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We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


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