What to do in Taiping, the hidden gem of Malaysia

Malaysia has a lot of places of attractions. However, some places are more well known than the others. Small towns which are interesting on its own are ignored for the larger cities. For example, Taiping, a town in the state of Perak. People tends to go to Ipoh instead of Taiping. I had the chance to visit Taiping for work purposes recently and I would like to share with you: what to do in Taiping?

Taiping town
The town, with Maxwell Hill as the backdrop

Visit Taiping Lake Gardens

Taiping Lake Gardens is the green lung of the rustic town. The Lake Gardens was established during the British colonial rule and it is well maintained. The main attractions of the lake gardens are the grand old trees lining up the road around the lake. It is known as the Raintree Walk. Previously, motorists can drove on the road and parked under the trees. In 2018, it was no longer allowed in order to protect the trees after a tree fell on the road.

Taiping Lake Gardens.
Image source: www.edgeprop.my

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari is the crowd’s favourite especially visitors with small children. It is one of the best zoos in Malaysia and it is also the oldest zoo in Malaysia. The key attraction at the zoo is the night safari, from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm. It is the time to watch the animals up close especially the animals which are more active at night. The zoo entry costs RM 16 for adults while for the night safari, the entrance fee is RM 20 for adults.

Night Safari at Taiping Zoo
Image source: jomjalan.com.my

Hike Up Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)

Bukit Larut or its old name, Maxwell Hill is a hill overlooking the town. It used to be an outpost for the British to rest and escape from the tropical heat in lowland areas, just like Bukit Kutu. Depending on your fitness levels, you can choose either to hike up by foot using the jungle trails, using the tarred road, or if you just want to enjoy the view, get on a jeep instead!

Trivia: Do you know that Maxwell Hill is the wettest part of Malaysia? Go find out!

Bukit Larut in Taiping
Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill
Image source: travelwithsun.com

Visit Perak Museum

Do you know that the state of Perak where the town of Taiping is located boasts several oldest things? It has the oldest zoo and also the oldest human remains in Malaysia. Apart from that, Perak Museum is also the oldest museum in Malaysia. Sir Hugh Low, the fourth British Resident of Perak established the museum in 1883.

Perak Museum building
Image source: orangperak.com

Eat doli Kuey Teow Goreng

If Ipoh is famous for its White Coffee, Taiping is famous for its kuey teow goreng or flat rice noodle. In Taiping, the place that people will always recommend you to go to try this dish is none other than doli Kuey Teow Goreng. It is one of the famous eateries in Taiping town. If you are in town, book a Grab (Uber-like ride sharing service) and book your ride to doli Kuey Teow Goreng!

doli kuey teow taiping
Doli Kuey Teow. Yumms!
Image source: azlindaalin.com


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