Tulips Capital of Southeast Asia

Not everyone has the privilege to travel to Europe to see tulips. Even when Amira and I went to Europe, we did not manage to see any tulips since it was winter. The best time to see tulips is during spring season but the cost will skyrocket. Gladly, Gardens by the Bay held Tulipmania annually.

My loved ones eager to see Tulipmania
My mother, Amira and my sister, all excited to see Tulipmania!

Every year, the Gardens by the Bay will organise Tulipmania where tulips of different colours and breed be displayed in amazing arrangements. When you can’t go to Holland to see Tulips, let Holland with its tulips come to you.

Green Singapore

When is Tulipmania?

The dates for Tulipmania changes every year. You can get the specific dates by checking out their annual calendar which will be published in their official website. Apart from Tulipmania, Gardens by the Bay also have other events being organised on a monthly basis to attract visitors to visit them.

Tulipmania is the best place to see tulips in Southeaast Asia
For the love of tulips

When it is time for Tulipmania, make sure to book your flight ticket to Singapore early. If possible, book the entrance ticket early too to save yourself from the hassle of queuing. Trust me, Gardens by the Bay, especially Tulipmania is worth a visit.

Immerse yourself at Tulipmania

I got the chance to visit Gardens by the Bay for Tulipmania together with my mother, my wife and my sister. As soon as we purchased our entrance tickets to both the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest (recommended to enter both!), we took a shuttle to drive us to the entrance.

Rows of tulips

As soon as we entered the Flower Dome, we were really in awed. Cool breeze greeted us as if we were in spring. We walked to the main display area and there they were: rows and rows of tulips. True to its name, Tulipmania is really tulip maniac!

Immerse yourself with the beauty of tulips

There were different kinds of tulips, all aligned beautifully underneath the dome. They even had windmills and some other Dutch-related decorations to make the exhibition felt ‘at home’. Even though we were in a tropical country, the cool temperature made us felt otherwise.

Spend a few hours before going to the Cloud Forest

The exhibition area is really huge. If you are visiting the Flower Dome, I would recommend that you spend a good few hours to immerse yourself in the moment. Appreciate the flowers, the smells, the sights and do not rush everything.

Inside the Flower Dome

My family and I spent around 2 hours inside the flower dome, reading the informative boards and enjoying the scenery inside. Cloud Forest is just beside the Flower Dome. However, before proceeding to the Cloud Forest, make sure you have satisfied yourselves looking and enjoying the world of Tulips!

Tulips at Tulipmania
Spend your good time here

How to go to the Gardens by the Bay

To get to the Gardens by the Bay via the MRT, take the Circle Line or the Downtown Line and alight at Bayfront MRT station. Take Exit B and just follow the underground linkway until you reach the flights of stairs. Then, take the stairs up, cross the Dragonfly Bridge or the Meadow Bridge into Gardens by the Bay.

In awed with the tulips

Another way is by taking the MRT to Tanjong Pagar station (East-West Line), take Exit C and head over to Bus Stop No. 03223 at International Plaza, Anson Road. Take Bus 400 and alight at Bus Stop No. 03371.

Us getting all romantic being surrounded by tulips

Another alternative is by taking Grab (Uber-like ridesharing apps).


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  1. Nice pictures! I like the fact that you don’t have to travel far to see the tulips! Aside from Tulipmania, Sakura Matsuri is also one of my favourite floral display happens in march-april period.

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