What is the suitable age for travelling on a flight with a baby

There are many opinions on this. Some people said to wait until the baby is at least 5 months old. Some prefer to travel when the baby is at least a year old. While some people is okay with travelling on a flight with a baby even if the baby is just barely 2 months old! As for me, it is better to ask your pediatrician first whether it is okay to fly with your baby.

In this post, I will share with you my personal tips when travelling on a flight with a baby. Zinnirah, our daughter had her first flight when she was 5 months old. It was a two-hour flight to Phuket. In September 2019, barely 2 weeks before her first year birthday, she had her second experience flying on a five-hour flight to Taipei.

Feed milk when travelling on a flight with a baby
Zinnirah’s first flight to Phuket (February 2019)

Breastfeed or feed the baby milk

The most annoying part for a baby when travelling on a flight with a baby is the pressure to the eardrum when the flight is taking off. The sudden change of altitude can make the baby uncomfortable. This can be avoided by breastfeeding your baby or feed her milk during take-off.

This will ensure that she is constantly drinking which can reduce the pressure on the baby’s eardrum. When Zinnirah was flying to Phuket, Amira breastfed her and she did not become uncomfortable at all. Similarly on our flight to Taipei, we fed her milk before take-off. So, she did not even realize that the flight had already taken off.

Get the baby to sleep when travelling on a flight with a baby

The most common annoyance for travellers on a flight is when a baby is constantly crying. We will become annoyed and some of us who are trying to catch a sleep will have difficulties doing so. As such, it is also a good tips to get your baby to sleep when travelling on a flight with a baby. This will ensure that the baby will have a good rest and so do the other travellers.

Get the baby to sleep when travelling on a flight with a baby
Kaki Jalans Jr. in the making

Getting the baby to be breastfed or drink their milk will ensure that they are full and it will become easier for them to sleep. After all, a hungry baby means a disaster during a flight because the baby will be cranky and will throw tantrum or cry non-stop.

Download the baby’s favourite songs or shows

If your baby does not want to sleep, then you must think of something else to kill the baby’s boredom. A baby’s attention span is normally just around 3 to 4 minutes, any longer than that, then they will usually become bored. A long flight without nothing fun to do will kill the baby’s excitement.

If your baby is ‘exposed’ to gadget, then you might want to download any cartoon shows that the baby usually watch so that she will have fun during the flight. Alternatively, you can download a playlist of nursery rhymes to ensure that the baby will be entertained during the flight.

As for us, since we did not give Zinnirah the chance to play with gadgets yet, what we did was to sing her favourite nursery rhymes over and over again. “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” as well as “One little finger, one little finger, one little finger, tap, tap, tap” are the two most favourite Zinnirah’s songs!

Bring toys when travelling on a flight with a baby

Toys are also one of the important things that you can bring or consider to bring when travelling on a flight with a baby. Sometimes, bringing toys and letting the baby to play with their toys will make the baby occupied. This will ensure a smooth flight experience for you, your baby as well as other travellers.

Zinnirah and I at Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan (September 2019)

During our flight to Taipei, towards the end of the flight, Zinnirah was getting bored. She did not want to drink milk, did not want to listen to our singings and letting her to see the view outside was out of the question. Gladly, we brought her bumpy balls with lights. So, we let her play with her toys until we reached Taipei.

So, ready to travel on a flight with your baby?

In conclusion, travelling on a flight with a baby can be a fun experience for the whole family. The most important part is to ensure that you put her needs when flying as well. When the baby is happy on a flight, so do the parents and the other travellers in the flight.

Any other tips that you want to share? Share it in the comment section below!


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  1. I’m wanting to travel with my baby on flight …hes 7months..whats is the requirements to travel with a baby ?

    • Basically most airlines don’t charge any fee for travelling with a baby or infant below 2 years old. But he has to sit on your lap or for ling distance, you can opt for a seat with bassinet.

      For stroller, if you decide to bring the stroller on board, just use the stroller until the boarding gate. They will ask you to leave the stroller at the plane’s door and upon arrival, they will put it back at the exit area.

      If the baby is on formula milk, normally the airport will let you bring bottles with water and hot water. If not, you can always ask for water inside the plane.

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