Is travelling to Phuket with a baby safe?

Phuket is a very famous island in Thailand. It is one of the many islands in Thailand which has beautiful beaches and unspoiled nature. However, Phuket is also known as the ‘sin-city’ where bars with pole dancers flourished. Despite all that, travelling to Phuket with a baby is very safe.

Travelling to Phuket with a baby is safe
Is it safe to tavel to Phuket with a baby? What can you do?

We brought Zinnirah to Phuket on her first travel adventure when she was 5 months old. Overall, it was so easy to have her around. There are also many kids-friendly attractions in Phuket which you can go and visit together with your baby.

In this post, we will share with you our day one itinerary when travelling to Phuket with a baby.

Car Rental Service

We arrived in Phuket early in the morning. However, prior to our arrival, we had already booked a car from a car rental service called Pure Car Rent. As compared to other car rental companies in Phuket, I would really recommend this company.

Driving in Phuket is easy

I had this to say in my Google Review on this car rental company:

A great service and a very trustworthy company! I fully paid the whole price upon receiving the quotation and agreed with the quotation. All communications were done through email and they replied to every email sent. The directions given were also clear.

I rented a Honda Jazz and it was in a very good condition. Collecting the car upon arrival and sending the car back was also a breeze. The best part is that whatever price they quoted in the quotation IS THE PRICE TO BE PAID. NO HIDDEN CHARGES AT ALL.

I would really recommend Pure Car Rent and will definitely rent from them again if I am in Phuket.

Head Over to Sarasin Bridge

Sarasin Bridge is a bridge connecting Phang Nga on the mainland and Phuket Island. When we arrived in Phuket, it was still early and we could not checked-in yet. So, we decided to go and have a look at Sarasin Bridge. It is quite a long bridge and Sarasin Bridge is considered as an important link between mainland Thailand and Phuket. This is because, you can drive to Phuket if you want like what I did.

Sarasin Bridge
Fishing village near the bridge

At Sarasin Bridge, there is a designated parking area for you to park your vehicles. Nearby, there are rows of stalls selling souvenirs. The main attraction of Sarasin Bridge is the viewing platform where you can stand and enjoy the view of both the Thailand’s mainland as well as Phuket.

A Must See When Travelling to Phuket with a Baby

During our trip, check-in at our hotel was at 2.00 pm. Since there was still a lot more time to kill, we decided to visit a must-see attraction when travelling to Phuket with a baby: Dolphin Bay Phuket!

Dolphin Bay Phuket is like a mini aquarium where they organised daily dolphins show. It is situated next to the Phuket Zoo (which we did not visit). During our visit, we could see that Dolphin Bay Phuket is very popular among the locals. There were schools conducting tour activities to the attraction.

Clever dolphins!

We bought our ticket via Klook beforehand and when we reached Dolphin Bay Phuket, we just exchanged the voucher to the entrance ticket. Inside, there were many rows of seat. You have to choose your sit before purchasing the ticket. My advice is to choose the upper tier seats so that you can have a good view without getting soaked from the dolphins’ acts.

Overall, it was a good experience. I read in some of the reports and blogs that the dolphins are taken good care of by the caretakers. Hopefully, it is true. The performances by the dolphins were amazing and Zinnirah (‘s parents) had fun! Definitely a must-go when travelling to Phuket with a baby!

Visit the Phuket Weekend Night Market

Coincidentally, our visit to Phuket was on a weekend, so the Phuket Weekend Night Market was opened. Although it is quite far from the beaches, still it is worth a visit. For one, you could find a lot of things in the market. Consider the market as the Phuket’s version of Chathuchak Market in Bangkok.

Let your baby smells the food when travelling to Phuket with a baby
Food heaven

Apart from the souvenirs and shirts, the weekend night market is also a food heaven. There are dedicated areas for food where you can find many local food to be tried and eaten. For Muslims, there are also many Halal food, so choosing one will not be a problem.

The best place to try local food

A bit of advice if you want to buy something from the market, try and haggle for the best price that you are willing to pay. This is due to the fact that many items being sold do not have price tags attached. The seller will tell you the price and usually, the price is marked-up.

Visit the night market when travelling to Phuket with a baby
Some shops provide calculator

Since many sellers at the market do not speak English, a calculator comes in handy. Some shops even provide a calculator to make it easier for the visitors to haggle.

Travelling to Phuket with a baby is recommended
Bring your baby to join your travel adventures

So, these are some of the things that we did during our first day of travelling to Phuket with a baby. Stay tuned for our itinerary during day two!


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