What to do if you have 10 hours in Phuket?

Some people come to Phuket for one whole week. Some for months while others for years. However, there are also people who only have limited time in Phuket. In this post, we will share with you some things that you can do if you have 10 hours in Phuket. Basically, this is our 2nd day itinerary, the continuation of our first day itinerary in Phuket with our 5 month-old Baby Zinnirah.

What can you do for 10 hours in Phuket?
What can you do for 10 hours in Phuket?

Have a Spa Treatment if you have 10 hours in Phuket!

If you have a limited time in Phuket, say only 10 hours in Phuket, it is a great idea to have a spa treatment! Phuket, as many other tourist attractions in Thailand, is well-known for its many massage parlours and spas. Just choose one that you are comfortable with and pamper yourself. After all, the price of spa treatment in Phuket is very reasonable. Plus, to have a Thai massage or spa treatment in the land of smiles itself is an experience on its own.

Have a spa treatment during 10 hours in Phuket
Having a spa treatment is a must!

On our second day in Phuket with our baby girl, Amira decided to have a spa treatment at the InBalance Spa at Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Resort. We had tried the InBalance Spa at Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort and Spa when we visited Phuket during Amira’s pregnancy. We had good reviews of the spa so we decided to try another Novotel branch since the spa at Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Resort had won numerous awards.

Walk along the road with Zinnirah while Amira is having her spa treatment
Taking Zinnirah out while Amira is having her spa treatment

It was a good decision. For 2 hours, Amira had herself pampered whilst I brought Zinnirah out onto the main street, just wandering aimlessly looking at the shops and stalls. Although Zinnirah was just 5 months old, I talked to her as if she understood me until it was too hot for me to bear. I seek refuge inside the spa’s lounge area and when Amira came out from the treatment room, I could see how fresh and refreshed she was. So, if you have 10 hours in Phuket, get a spa treatment!

Eat local food

To know a country better, you should try their food. You will know what kind of society they are. Are they a society who love sweet food, spicy food, or bland food? Thai food is not alien to us as there are many Thai restaurants in Malaysia. But if you have 10 hours in Phuket, use the time wisely by trying local food.

Eat Thai food during your 10 hours in Phuket
Thai food is the best

Since we had eaten a lot of local snacks and food the night before from the night market, we decided to try Indian food in Phuket. Yes, it sounds out-of-place but they do provide Thai food too. So, we ordered some roti, fried rice and red curry. The taste was pretty good, actually. Even if you have limited time in Phuket, you can still try the local food from the many food stalls scattered around the island.

Visit the Windmill Viewpoint

We have written a very detailed post on the Windmill Viewpoint before. If you have 10 hours in Phuket, include the Windmill Viewpoint in your itinerary. This place is simply astonishing. Although I have been there for quite a few times, the place never failed to mesmerize me. The ambiance is very lively, with people doing paragliding and some just sit and enjoy the view.

View from the Windmill Viewpoint
The view from the Windmill Viewpoint

You don’t have to do anything if you are at the Windmill Viewpoint. Just buy a snack or two and a freshly blended juice. Then, sit on the ground and just take in all the view in front of you. You will be carried away, just like us, and you might ended up a good one hour there.

View from the Windmill Viewpoint
Promthep Cape and Yanui Beach

If you plan to visit the Windmill Viewpoint, I would suggest that you visit around February when the weather is very clear. You can see the reflection of the sun on the ocean and a lot of boats and yachts. If you keen to swim on the clear and turquoise-coloured sea, just head down from the Windmill Viewpoint and go to Nai Harn beach. Otherwise, you can head to the Promthep Cape and swim at Yanui Beach.

End your 10 hours in Phuket at the Pool

After the spa, the food and the sightseeing, it is time to get yourself relax again. So, you can go back to your hotel and swim in the pool! It is the best way to end you 10 hours in Phuket. If you are staying at Patong Beach and your hotel’s pool is facing the sea, you might want to relax while enjoying the sunset.

Let’s go to the pool

As for us, we opted for a hotel in Phuket Old Town for a change. The hotel that we stayed at, Little Nyonya Hotel, has a lovely pool with romantic lighting at night. We did not swim but decided to just sit on the benches. We swapped stories and talked about how far we have been, ever since our marriage back in 2015. All this while Zinnirah slept on Amira’s arms, tired from our journey for 10 hours in Phuket.

The pool at our hotel


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