A memorable night at Phuket Fantasea

Our third day in Phuket coincided with Amira’s birthday. So, I have planned a surprise for her – a visit to the Phuket Fantasea! After our walk around Phuket Old Town, we went to Central Phuket to buy Amira’s present and then, we spent some time at the huge mall. Central Phuket is one of the largest malls in Phuket and there were so many shops to go if you plan to shop.

Visiting Central Phuket before going to Phuket Fantasea
One of the largest shopping malls in Phuket

Shopping at Central Phuket before going to Phuket Fantasea

First stop when we arrived at Central Phuket was to look for food. It was afternoon and we had not had our lunch yet. There are a few Halal options in the mall but we decided to go to the food court. At the food court, there are two Halal stalls: one is selling chicken rice and another sells Indian food.

Eating at Central Phuket before going to Phuket Fantasea
Halal food stalls at Central Phuket’s foodcourt

We had chicken rice and it tasted very good. The price was reasonable too. So, if any of you are looking for Halal food at Central Phuket and are not sure if the restaurants are Halal-certified, do visit the food court where your doubt will surely be cast away.

The best dessert at Central Phuket

After eating, we went to an electronic shop to buy Amira’s birthday present. She had hinted what she wants and since it was within my budget and well, I have promised her anyway, so we went to the shop and bought it. As we walked around the mall, my eyes caught a restaurant which sells food and dessert.

The best dessert at Central Floresta Phuket
The best dessert ever!

We were still full but we decided to drop by the Golden Chicken which is situated at Central Floresta Phuket. It is on another wing of the mall. We ordered one and when the dessert arrived, we were really shocked! It was very delicious and sweet but I would not recommend this to anyone who has diabetic condition!

After we finished the dessert, we drove over to Jungceylon Phuket for another round of shopping before we drove for half an hour to Phuket Fantasea!

Phuket Fantasea – a must see attraction in Phuket!

I have always wanted to go to Phuket Fantasea ever since I first went to Phuket in 2012. However, it never took place because I was not sure if I would like it. This time, I decided to proceed with my long-awaited plan since it was also Amira’s birthday. I bought two tickets to Phuket Fantasea with Halal buffet.

In front of the restaurant at Phuket Fantasea
In front of the restaurant

Phuket Fantasea is like a theme park in Phuket. Imagine Disneyland, but with a local twist and pay per game attractions. There are many funfair games available as well as shops selling souvenirs and restaurants around. The place was full with people when we were there but the place was not really well-lit.

Since the main show will start around 8.30 pm, we rushed to the restaurant for our Halal buffet. Honestly, I do not think that the Halal buffet is worth it. I went there imagining that the buffet spread will be luxurious but sadly, the food was so-so. It is best if you just go for the show without taking the Halal buffet, unless if you do not eat Halal food, then that is fine.

The Magical Show

Palace of the Elephants is the main theater hall for Phuket Fantasea. After we had finished eating, it was almost time for the main show. There was an announcement calling for visitors to enter the Palace of the Elephants and an elephant walked around the main square leading visitors to the Palace of the Elephants .

In front of the Palace of the Elephants
Get ready to be mesmerized!

It was quite a walk from the entrance to the hall. We queued according to the lines. Before we reached the doors to our seats, there is a counter where we deposited our cameras and phones for safekeeping. They have a very strict policy of no-recordings.

Upon entering the hall, we were surprised to see how grand the hall was. All seats were full to the brim. A few moment later, the lights were turned off. Two elephants entered the hall and the magical show started. The show was in Thai Language but we could still understand it.

The non-stop performances of traditional dances, magic shows, acrobatic dances and other entertaining shows really mesmerized us. Words cannot describe how amazing the performances were at the Phuket Fantasea.

After the show ended, we talked about how magical the show was and how we made the right decision in watching the show. Phuket Fantasea is really where fantasy comes true!



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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate link. While Amira and I enjoyed the show especially the cultural part, this post is not an endorsement to the alleged cruel treatment of any animal involved in the show or other shows.


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