Confusing emotional experience, that’s Langkawi Skybridge

Langkawi Skybridge, on Langkawi Island, Malaysia is a place that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. I have always wanted to go to the Skybridge, a cable-stayed pedestrian bridge built 660 metres above sea-level. Every time I visited Langkawi, the Langkawi Skybridge would be closed for maintenance. Until one day, I went again and it was finally opened for visitors. The visit to the Langkawi Skybridge was such a confusing emotional experience. Once you are on top of the Skybridge, you will feel happy and scared at the same time. You will feel the adrenaline pumping, but nervous at the same time.

On the cable car to the mountain top

How to get to Langkawi Skybridge?

It is easy to get to Langkawi Skybridge. If you are driving a car, you can drive to the Oriental Village. Otherwise, you can get a taxi or get a hotel transfer from any tour operator. From the Oriental Village, you will have to walk across the ‘village’ towards the cable car station.

View from the Top Station

In order to get to the Langkawi Skybridge, you must take the cable car. Langkawi’s cable car, known as Panorama Langkawi is one of the steepest cable car ride in the world. I agree. When I rode on the Maokong Gondola in Taipei, it was not as scary in terms of the steepness of the ride. However, Maokong is mentally-exhausting because the ride itself is 30 minutes!

The Langkawi Skybridge is accessible from the Top Station. So, if you plan to go to the Langkawi Skybridge, do not disembark at the Middle Station. I suggest that you disembark at the Top Station and spend your time at the Skybridge first. Then, if you have spare time, you can always have a look around the Middle Station on the way down.

Glide your way to the Langkawi Skybridge with the Skyglide

Skyglide going to the Skybridge

Previously, everyone has to walk towards the Langkawi Skybridge by walking along the jungle route. However, it is now easier to get to the Skybridge with the Skyglide. Skyglide is an elevator which brings visitors to the Skybridge. However, unlike normal elevators, Skyglide glides its way up and down like a train.


The wait for the Skyglide can be long at times because the capacity of the Skyglide is limited. Everyone has to wait for their turn. During our visit to the Langkawi Skybridge, we decided to take the Skyglide to the Skybridge and walked up the jungle route on our way back.

The experience on the Skybridge

It was an insane experience! The weather was not on our side during our visit because it was so cold at the top. Besides, the temperature was hovering around 19 to 20 degree Celsius and there was thick fog everywhere. Apart from the cold weather, the wind was also strong and we actually felt the bridge swaying.

The Bridge

Nevertheless, putting all that aside, the Skybridge is a magnificent wonder. It hangs 100 metres above ground with an 82-metre high single pylon suspending it. It can also accommodate up to 250 people at a particular time.

Andaman Sea from the Langkawi Skybridge

From the bridge, I could see vast mountains with fog covering the tops. At one point, the Andaman Sea was clearly visible before the fog returned and made the surroundings looked more mysterious.

View from the Langkawi Skybridge

There were also moments when I felt the Skybridge swaying strongly. So, I just sat on the Skybridge when that happens as sitting whilst watching the beautiful and peaceful surroundings all around me is a relief for my mind and soul.

Amira on the Langkawi Skybridge

Suddenly, I heard someone calling me and interrupting my involuntary meditation. “Honey, I need to go to the washroom. Come, let’s end the visit“, Amira plead to me. What an end to our journey at the Langkawi Skybridge!


Langkawi Skybridge can be accessed by taking the Panorama Langkawi cable car to the Top Station. You can get your cable car ticket via Klook. If you are new to Klook, you can enter this code for a 20% discount: NEWTOKLOOK20

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