Taipei from Taoyuan Airport, but before that…

It was a hazy Thursday. The inter-boundary haze that cloud Malaysia was at its peak. We were very glad that we booked a ticket to Taiwan a few months back. It was the best decision that we have ever made. Last night, we slept at Movenpick Hotel and Convention Centre and in the morning, we were ready to board the plane to Taipei. We have already drafted an itinerary, so I tried to remember how to get to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport after our arrival later.

How to get to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport

The AirAsia X Flight to Taipei

We were very excited with the trip. It was Zinnirah’s second trip after her first trip to Phuket back in February. It was also our first time on an AirAsia X. Throughout our travelling days, we had mostly been on an AirAsia but never on AirAsiaX. The flight itself is comfortable. We were so lucky that the flight was not full. When Zinnirah started to be on her active-mode, Amira and I will just play peek-a-boo with her from any empty seats available.

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Zinnirah having her meal inside the flight

Arrival at Taoyuan Airport

The AirAsia X to Taipei

Our flight to Taipei touched down at Taoyuan Airport in the morning. As the plane approaches the shores of Taiwan, I was amazed to see how pretty Taiwan is. There are so many windmills lining up the shore. It was a spectacular view.

As we walked out from the flight, I looked at Taoyuan International Airport. It seems like a small airport and the design is not modern, but it still look pretty. I guess, they infused the Taiwanese traditional design in its architecture.

We pre-booked our Easycard and simcard via Klook

After clearing immigration and customs, we went to the Unilite Traveller kiosk by turning left after clearing customs. We had pre-booked our simcards and Easycard by using Klook (You can pre-book the same here) and once we arrived, we just collect them without hassle.

After collecting the simcards and Easycard, we walked to the Taoyuan Airport MRT Station. It was quite a walk but since it was underground with air-conditioning, the walk was quite comfortable.

There are several ways on how to get to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport.

You can take the taxi, take the public bus, charter a van or take the MRT.

For us, the cheapest and easy way to get to Taipei from the Airport is by taking the MRT. I was glad that I did a research on how to get to Taipei from the Airport via the MRT. This is due to the fact that there are two types of MRT trains to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport.

Taking the MRT to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport

One type of the MRT trains is called as the Commuter while another is called as the Express. Basically, they are the same except that for the commuter train, it stops at every single station and so, the journey will take longer – approximately for an hour.

Taking the Express MRT train is the cheapest way to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport

On the other hand, the Express train to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport will only stop at a few stations and takes half an hour to get to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport.

City of Taipei from Taoyuan Airport
Taipei Skyline

That was why once we reached the Taoyuan Airport MRT station, reloaded our Easycard and walked to the platform, we did not board the train which was already there. It was a commuter train! Although we had to wait for another 10 minutes, we will arrive earlier than those who boarded the Commuter train.

We have arrived in Taipei!

It was not long before we saw beautiful skylines of Taipei and the Taipei 101 from afar. Finally, we have arrived at Taipei from Taoyuan Airport!


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