Where to stay in Taipei? We have the best but before that…

The journey from Taoyuan MRT station to Taipei Main Station is approximately 30 minutes. The journey was fine but since we were going to the best hotel in Taipei based on our research (at least in our opinion when people asked us where to stay in Taipei!), we had to take the Blue Line. The walk from Taipei Main Station to the Blue Line entrance was quite a lot!

Where to stay in Taipei - we suggest the Eastin Taipei Hotel
Taipei city

How to get to Taipei Eastin Hotel?

Taipei Eastin Hotel is strategically located near two MRT stations on the Blue Line. One is the Zhongxiao Fuxing station while another is Zhongxiao Dunhua station.

The best place to stay in Taipei

The latter is nearer to the entrance since by taking Exit 11, you will exit exactly in front of the hotel’s entrance. The downside is there is no escalator and you have to climb a flight of stairs. However, since we had a big luggage, one small luggage and Zinnirah’s duffel bag, we chose to alight at Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 4 and continued with a 5-minute walk to the entrance.

Where to stay in Taipei - this hotel is close to 2 MRT stations

Even though we carried a lot of luggage and bags, the walk was an easy feat especially since it was the start of the autumn season and the atmosphere was kind of breezy.

Here we are: Taipei Eastin Hotel!

Yes, if people ask us now on where to stay in Taipei, definitely we will say Taipei Eastin Hotel!

The hotel’s lobby is situated on the 12th floor. It is located in a mixed-use building and apart from Taipei Eastin Hotel, there is another hotel occupying the building as well as offices and residences.

A very cosy seating area

As we walked out of the elevator, we were all greeted by the receptionists who speak fluent English. Initially, we were nervous because we did not know about the Taiwanese, whether or not they are friendly and speak English.

Where to stay in Taipei - the elevator and the receptions area

It turned out to be fine and the staff were all very friendly. Checking-in was effortless and in no time, we were in front of our room.

The hallway to the rooms

The Room and Amenities

The room is small. This was expected by us since Taiwan is a small country and just like Hong Kong and Singapore, affordable hotels usually come with a scaled-down room.

Where to stay in Taipei? Small but cosy Eastin Taipei Hotel

However, to make up the small room, it has a floor-to-ceiling glass window with an awesome view of Taipei 101.

Taipei 101 from our room

The toilet also comes with a seat warmer and L’occitane products.

Toilet with seat warmer
L'occitane products!
More L'occitane products!

There is also a personal touch to the hotel’s hospitality – every room comes with two pineapple cakes from Sunny Hills!

Free sunny hills pineapple cake!

That is why we can surely suggest this hotel to those who are thinking “Where to stay in Taiwan?”.

Sweets and candies

Although there is no swimming pool in this hotel, we were glad to know that they provide gymnasium on a different floor. They also have a washing machine, a dryer and a vending machine all on the same floor as the reception.

The balcony area

Oh, not to forget the free unlimited fresh grounded coffee and set breakfast meals!

Free coffee!

Surrounding areas

Eastin Taipei Hotel is situated near many shopping areas and since it is near MRT stations, everywhere else is easily accessible. Below the hotel is the East Metro Mall, the most famous underground malls in Taipei. Apart from that, two Sogo stores are within a stone throw away. There are also a Zara outlet, bubble tea shops and food outlets around the hotel.

Since it was out first day, we decided not to shop yet. So, after settling down, we had some rest before walking back to the MRT station to take a train to Taipei 101.

So, if you ask us where to stay in Taipei, we recommend this hotel for you to stay at. You can check the rate and book your stay here.


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