A Taiwan Halal Food Review

Taiwan is a Chinese-majority country with a very small Muslims population. There are not so many Muslim visitors here making it a challenge to find a halal place to eat in Taiwan. Nevertheless, in this post, we are going to do a Taiwan Halal Food review, specifically on the place we went to after our visit to Taipei 101.

After our visit to Taipei 101 which lasted for almost two-hours, we were so starving. When drafting the itinerary, I stumbled upon a halal beef noodle restaurant close to Taipei 101. I remembered looking at the Google map and told Amira, “This is very close to Taipei 101! We should check this out!“.

The journey to our Taiwan Halal Food Review

How deceiving a map can be sometimes. Going out of Taipei 101, we lost our bearing. Even though we opened the Google Maps apps, we could not find our way to the Halal Beef Noodle Restaurant. We thought we walked in the correct direction when suddenly, we were asked to return and go the other way around.

The challenge for this Taiwan halal food review is to find the place

After a few attempts, we gave up. We flagged a taxi and it stopped in front of the entrance to Taipei 101. “Excuse me sir, we are going to this place“, I told the taxi driver. In Google, the name of the restaurant was written simply as “Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant“. Yes, a VERY GENERIC name indeed.

We almost gave up on doing the Taiwan Halal food review

Then, the driver asked us, “No Chinese name?“. I replied, “No, only this“. His replied devastated our hungry mind, body and soul. “Sorry, no Chinese, no go. I don’t know“. And with his answer, we almost gave up on doing our Taiwan Halal Food Review.

The Walk to the Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant

However, we were really starving and we really wanted to try eating at the restaurant because the Reviews in Google are good. 4 stars out of 179 reviews. So, again we tried walking according to Google Maps for the countless time. Finally, this time, we were on the right direction. It was quite a walk but the breezy night air really helped to cool things down.

This was taken on our way back from the Taiwan halal food review

As we reached Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store, Google told us that we have arrived at the restaurant. We looked around but could not find the restaurant. After asking around, we were told that the restaurant is actually at the Basement floor, at the food court area of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. What a challenge to do a Taiwan Halal food review!

The Verdict

The restaurant is situated at the food court area on the basement floor. It was not hard to find the restaurant at the food court since it is situated in its own lot. You would not miss the place since there is a unique signage of a cattle with the word ‘Halal’ inscribed in the middle in Arabic.

Halal Chinese Beef Noodle restaurant in Taipei

The staff could speak limited English, so I think you guys will not have a problem ordering. As for us, we asked for the menu and since it has English translations for the most famous ones, we ordered the ones recommended.

This restaurant was opened since 1957!

It was the most delicious beef noodle that I have ever tasted outside Malaysia! The beef is juicy and tender, the soup is hot and flavourful. In fact, there is a tinge of spices inside the soup, which make it so appetizing. The noodle is also soft and combined with the beef and the soup, the taste of the dish exploded in my mouth.

The best place for Taiwan Halal food review

If you happened to be visiting Taipei 101, try the beef noodle at this restaurant. The best place for us to write a Taiwan Halal food review!


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  1. Are there any other halal food outlets around Taipei? I visited Taipei in 2011 and also managed to visit a halal beef noodle shop. I can’t remember its name and address but it was along a main road. We took a taxi there with the help of our Chinese friends travelling with us. The beef noodle was nice but the serving was really huge.

    • Yes there are a few! Since we were from Taipei 101, we tried to look for the one nearest. And you are right, the serving was really huge.

  2. Thanks for sharing the location, i will be visiting Taiwan in March, and this info is really helpful.

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