New Zealand, the land of beauty and best Halal food
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New Zealand is a spectacular place to travel, and a great opportunity to take your taste buds on a trip they’ll remember, too. Whether you’re taking in the view from the Sky Tower in Auckland or braving the epic Mount Cook, you will need plenty of food to fuel your sightseeing and exploration. Luckily, New Zealand is full of high-quality food. They offer a range of halal-certified restaurants, butchers and food trucks to choose from. This article provides a guide to some of the best halal food in New Zealand, in a range of locations and varying price points.

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One of the best Halal food in New Zealand: Grills and Shakes, Auckland

Who doesn’t love burgers and shakes? They are a staple food in many cultures due to their flavoursome and satisfying nature. This North Island eatery offers an expansive list of halal dishes that are sure to keep you energised throughout your travels. Tourists and locals alike love the varied menu, offering traditional grilled dishes, such as burgers, and Greek-style flatbreads and chicken wraps. The menu also offers over 60 variations of shake, with flavours such as Nutella, caramel and cookie dough, as well as protein shakes and smoothies. Vegans can opt for soya or almond milk for a cruelty-free option.

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Te Kuiti Superette, Hamilton

Travellers staying in self-catering accommodation should take advantage of their facilities and cook up a mouth-watering halal steak. Te Kuiti Superette in Hamilton is the best place to get halal steak on the North Island. They offer all kinds of cuts, including rump, T-bone, sirloin, rib-eye, tenderloin and more. Do as the locals recommend and go for the sirloin. Then, pair it with a selection of specialty herbs and spices that they also stock at this halal butchers.

Garuda Truck, Wellington to get the best Halal food in New Zealand

This truck offers an authentic taste of Indonesia in the middle of Wellington. The dishes have proved incredibly popular with locals and travellers, offering a great selection that will suit the tightest of budgets. Choose from their tasty range of halal Malaysian curries, rice and noodle dishes, with chicken, beef or veggies. You can then take your food away in one of Garuda’s environmentally-friendly boxes and enjoy it in the fresh air and sunshine.

Mosaic by Simos Deli, Christchurch

This restaurant is at the top of many recommendation lists for Christchurch, both halal and otherwise. Mosaic is home to New Zealand’s first foray into authentic Moroccan cuisine, offering a unique experience of both food and culture. From huge tapas platters to Moroccan specialities such as garlic prawns and lamb kofta, there is a huge selection of food to choose from and enjoy.

One of the best Halal food in New Zealand
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Erik’s Fish and Chips, Queenstown

Between the adrenaline-fuelled activities and picturesque mountain views that Queenstown has become renowned for, grab a fresh and satisfying bite to eat at Erik’s Fish and Chips. The food is served fresh out of a food truck. This allows you to enjoy it in the sunshine and admire the dramatic mountainscapes. This food truck serves halal meat, however, diners should eat at their own discretion as this restaurant is not halal-certified.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible halal food on offer in New Zealand. Make the most of your trip and immerse yourself in the halal restaurants local to your accommodation. You may be introduced to entirely new cuisines that you have never tried before.


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