An Amazing Surprise at Shifen Waterfall

After our visit to Jiufen Old Street, we continued our journey to Shifen Waterfall. We did not know whether Shifen Waterfall is worth a visit or not. Apparently, Klook includes a visit to Shifen Waterfall and so, we just decided to go ahead with it.

The journey from Jiufen to Shifen Waterfall is not very far. However, since it is a hilly area, we were mesmerized by the lush greenery around us. All my problems just fade away with the breathtaking view.

Suspension bridge to Shifen Waterfall

The Suspension Bridge at Shifen Waterfall

I would say that the suspension bridge at Shifen Waterfall is one of the stars of the attraction. Before reaching the waterfall area (which is quite a walk from where the bus dropped us off at), we had to walk along the suspension bridge.

The walk along the bridge was a pleasant one. We could see the beautiful mountainous area from the middle of the bridge. I literally stopped in the middle of the bridge to enjoy the view offered.

However, do be careful when walking along the bridge. Do not run or jump because it is, well, a suspension bridge. So, whatever thing that you do will definitely impact the other people on the bridge.

Pingxi railway line before reaching Shifen Waterfall

Pingxi Railway Line

After the bridge, another attraction awaits. The Pingxi Railway line is situated at the area. If you are lucky like us, you could see the old train crossing the line and the river to go to Shifen Old Town area.

The pingxi rail line

Looking at the railway line reminds me of Malaysia’s famous jungle line which runs from Gemas in Negeri Sembilan to Kelantan. We did not take the train but we will definitely want to try it someday.

Vintage train crossing

Moreover, the train looks vintage and the thought of taking the train along a forested area and crossing a wide river seem like a very interesting thing to do.

The star itself – Shifen Waterfall

Finally, after passing the Chinese altar and some food stalls, we reached the star of the attraction – the waterfall! The waterfall is always likened with the Niagara Falls due to the pretty cascading falls.

The Buddhist altar

However, in size, Shifen Waterfall is like the mini version of its cousin. The waterfall is 20-meters tall and 40-meters wide but it is very powerful. You could hear the strong falls cascading down and it is indeed an amazing view.

Shifen Waterfall, the star!

As for us, we spent some time taking photos and looking at the falls before swarm of people arrived and we made way for them to enjoy the view that we had earlier on.

Amira, my star!


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