Shifen Old Street, where the old culture persist

Another place of attraction in Taiwan that is worth a visit is the Shifen Old Street. Before visiting Taiwan, we have always heard of Shifen Old Street. It is the place where people gather to fly the traditional lantern into the sky. It is also a place where traditional culture still persist despite some objections.

From Shifen Waterfall, it does not take long to reach Shifen Old Street.

The flying paper lantern at Shifen Old Street

Here, you can see there are many shops selling teas and other food stuff co-exist with shops selling paper lantern. As we walked further, we feel so inspired. You could see a lot of people participating in the paper lantern flying sessions. It is amazing to see how the Taiwanese promote their traditional culture and make it into such an attraction. Locals and foreigners alike participate in the activities.

Tourists participating in the lantern activities at Shifen Old Street

What’s with the paper lanterns at Shifen Old Street?

In Chinese culture, people will fire up the paper lantern and fly it into the sky. Normally, before throwing the paper lantern, people will write their wishes on the lantern. Every colour of the paper lantern depicts different meaning.

Paper lantern flying at Shifen Old Street

Why does the paper lantern be flown into the sky, you may ask? Well, according to their culture, the wishes will reach the sky and the power high up will read and grant them.

Can I participate and flown the paper lantern?

Yes, you can! We decided to join the crowds with the paper lantern activities just for fun and to enjoy the culture. If you are here, you will surprised by the number of paper lanterns flying in the sky. It was such an incredible view.

Amira with her paper lantern

We were told that there are some objections to the activities. Well, it is understandable since the activity poses a fire threat and it is not an environmentally friendly activity.

So, if you decide to join the activity, you must do so on your own conscience.

Shifen Old Street and the railway track

Finally, another interesting fact about Shifen Old Street is it is situated along a railway track. If you have been to Bangkok, it is so much like the Maeklong Market but with a wider pedestrian path.

Doing the activities on the railway track

It is very interesting to experience the flying of paper lantern from the railway track. When the honk from the train is heard, everybody just get off the railway track and watch as the train passes by.

We had fun!


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