Taipei is a huge cosmopolitan. But where is the best places to Shop in Taipei?

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan is a big city. Like other big cities in the world, shopping avenues are abundance. As visitors, we will surely include shopping in our itinerary. The big question is, where is the best places to shop in Taipei?

During our visit, we managed to explore three famous shopping areas in Taipei and we are glad to share with you, our readers, on the best places to shop in Taipei.

Ximending, the trendy shopping area

For those who are looking for trendy and branded items, head over to Ximending. Ximending is likened to the Shibuya Street in Tokyo. There are many shops selling clothes, food, accessories and other well-known brands.

Ximending, one of the best places to shop in Taipei

It is very easy to get to Ximending. You can take the MRT to Ximen station and upon arriving, just cross the road to go to Ximending shopping area. The landmark here is the multi-storey H&M outlet.

Best places to shop in Taipei

We were so amazed with the gigantic size of the H&M outlet and we even asked ourselves “Why does this H&M has many floors when back home, they just occupy 2 floors in a shopping mall at its largest outlet?“.

Happy face at one of the best places to shop in Taipei

This place is full with young trendy people and it is not surprising considering the number of outlets selling trendy clothing and accessories to the visitors.

Zinnirah is also happy at Ximending, one of the best places to shop in Taipei

One of the best places to shop in Taipei – East Metro Mall

As a small country, Taiwan has a very limited land mass. That is why in Taipei, most of the lively areas are underground. In fact, Taipei has several underground malls and one of the best places to shop in Taipei is the East Metro Mall.

Entrance to East Metro Mall

East Metro Mall is situated in Da’an district, situated underground in between two MRT stations on the Bannan Line i.e. Jhongxiaofusing Station all the way to Jhongxiaodunhua Station.

We were lucky because we were staying at Eastin Taipei Hotel and one of the entrances to the mall is situated directly in front of our hotel.

Inside the East Metro Mall

If you do not like the heat, East Metro Mall is one of the best places to shop in Taipei because it is underground and air-conditioned. It is such a pleasure to shop at the mall. There are many shops selling handbags, clothing and other household items. The only setback is they do not have much food outlets.

The library inside the mall

Another interesting thing about the mall is it contains a mini library. So, if you are tired from the walk, just head over to the library and grab a book!

Another one of the the best places to shop in Taipei #1: Shihlin Night Market

Finally, our personal favourite! Shihlin Night Market must be included as one of the best places to shop in Taipei. Apart from the abundance of food stalls (mostly non-halal) and bubble tea outlets, this is the place to go for cheap, high quality, trendy clothing.

No. 1 for the best places to shop in Taipei!

As compared to Ximending, most clothing shops here are not from a well-known brand. However, with a lower price tag, it is definitely the place to shop till you drop.

Shihlin Night Market

Having been to several shopping places throughout our travels, it is suffice to say that Shihlin Night Market is one of the most pleasant places to shop despite it being a walking shopping street.

Reasonably cheap

The sellers are very accommodating and not pushy at all. When we looked at any item being sold but we did not buy them, the sellers will greet us with a thanks without forcing us to buy.

Fresh fruit juice at the best places to shop in Taipei

It is also worthy to note that most shops at Shihlin Night Market have price tags and all the items are reasonably priced. There is no need to haggle since the price is very cheap. However, most of the shops prefer cash so make sure that you have sufficient cash in hand.

Two MRT stations serving Shihlin Night Market

To get here, just take the MRT to Shihlin Station (465 meters walk) or Jiantan Station (425 meters walk).

So, there you go! Three best places to shop in Taipei as recommended by us. If you are visiting Taipei, spare some money to shop at these best places to shop in Taipei!


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