Taipei Zoo, the largest zoo in Taiwan

Taipei Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Asia and it is also the most famous zoo in Taiwan. It has a total area of 165 hectares and more than 90 hectares of the area has been developed. As first time visitors to Taiwan, specifically Taipei, we will be thinking where else to visit. One of the options is the Taipei Zoo. But is Taipei Zoo worth visiting? Yes, we think Taipei Zoo is worth visiting and here are the reasons why!

Taipei Zoo is worth visiting because it is easily accessible

Situated south of Taipei City, Taipei Zoo is easily accessible by the MRT apart from the buses and taxis. There is a dedicated station to Taipei Zoo i.e. the Taipei Zoo station on the Brown line. In fact, from the city centre to Taipei Zoo, the overall journey would be under 40 minutes by the MRT.

Taipei Zoo is worth visiting because it is very accesible

From Taipei Zoo station to the entrance of Taipei Zoo, it only takes around three minutes walk and it is a pleasant walk. So, Taipei Zoo is worth visiting simply because it is very easy to visit this attraction.

Turn left to Taipei Zoo

The entrance fee is very cheap!

Another reason why Taipei Zoo is worth visiting is due to the fact that its entrance fee is super reasonable. For adults, it only costs NTD 60 to visit the zoo. That is around USD 2! It does not matter whether you are a local or a foreigner, the fee is still the same. Plus, you can pay by using your Easy Card. And the fee also includes a visit to the Giant Panda House!

Taipei Zoo is worth visiting because it is very cheap to enter

In comparison, Malaysia’s National Zoo charges RM 45 for Malaysians (USD 10) , RM 50 (USD 11) for foreigners with valid working pass and RM 88 (USD 20) for other foreigners. See how reasonable the fee to enter Taipei Zoo is? That is why, Taipei Zoo is worth visiting!


Taipei Zoo is worth visiting because you can meet Koala Bear and Giant Panda!

You can meet the giant panda!

Another reason why you must include Taipei Zoo in your visit! Koala Bear is not native to this part of the world but if you go and visit the Taipei Zoo, you can see the cute animal up close!

and Koala!

Besides that, a visit to the zoo means you will have the chance to see the giant panda up close! Although there is a time limit to your visit to the Giant Panda House, the experience of seeing this cute-looking-but-dangerous animal right in front of your eyes is very satisfying.

Amira and Zinnirah at Giant Panda House

Taipei Zoo is clean and easy to navigate

Taipei Zoo is hugeeeee! However, it is manageable because signage are everywhere. Apart from that, it is a very clean and well-maintained zoo. Another plus point is that it offers services such as stroller rentals and locker rentals with a very minimal fee.

It is clean!

A visit to Taipei Zoo is very enjoyable and you will definitely agree with us that a visit to the Taipei Zoo is a must!

Amira and Zinnirah at Taipei Zoo


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