There are a few things that you can do in Maokong

When visiting Taiwan, you might include the ride on Maokong Gondola in your itinerary. Once you reach Maokong station though, there will be one question that will linger in your mind. What are the things that you can do in Maokong? Well, there are a few and we will list them down for you!

What to do in Maokong? Here are our suggestions!

What to do in Maokong? Enjoy the cool breeze!

Since Maokong is situated on a hilly area, the breeze is more refreshing and cooling as compared to the lowland. The first thing that you will notice upon exiting the Maokong Gondola is how breezy the place is. If you come during summer or early autumn, the temperature will still be on a high side. However, the cool and strong breeze will be a relief.

Maokong station
It is on a hilly area. So, you can enjoy the breeze.

Visit the tea houses

Maokong is one of the areas where tea plants are planted in Taiwan. Apart from that, Taiwan is also famous for its tea. So, if you are planning to visit, another thing that you can do in Maokong is to enjoy its tea. There are several tea houses available, you just have to trust your guts and choose one.

One of the things to do in Maokong is to visit the tea houses
Things to do in Maokong, drink tea!

Since it was scorching hot during our visit despite the wind, we decided to visit the one with air conditioning. You will be surprised to see the exhaustive list of tea to choose from. Do not forget to order Taiwan’s famous pineapple cake to complete your tea experience!

Drink tea and eat pineapple cake

Eat your heart out!

Along the main road nearby the Gondola station, there are many food stalls available. The stalls sell a lot of local delicacies and snacks and you will have a hard time to choose one. If you plan to try some of the Taiwanese local food, get them at Maokong. The street food vendors are clean and I can assure you that you will love the street food here.

Street food vendors in Maokong

Finally, go for a hike!

After indulging on those street food and pineapple cakes, why don’t you burn some calories at Maokong? There are trails available for you to hike and apart from burning some calories down, it is also the best way to connect with mother nature at a foreign land.

Another thing to do in Maokong - go for a hike
Hiking in Maokong

If you are lucky, you can spot Taipei 101 from where you hike!

Taipei 101 from afar


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