What is Visit Malaysia 2020?

Visit Malaysia 2020 is the campaign by the government of Malaysia to encourage tourism in the country. It is supposed to be the biggest tourism campaign in Malaysia for year 2020. The mission is to bring as many visitors as possible to Malaysia throughout 2020.

Visit Malaysia 2020 logo

What happened with Visit Malaysia 2020?

Sadly, with the Covid-19 cases increasing, the Visit Malaysia 2020 tourism campaign is now officially cancelled.

The cancellation is also in line with the Restricted Movement Order currently in operation in Malaysia. The Restricted Movement Order is in place throughout the whole country. Under the order, Malaysians cannot leave the country. Foreign visitors and tourists CANNOT enter Malaysia. The order is valid until 31st March 2020.

Statement by the Ministry of Tourism

Throughout this period, hotels and accommodations must close down except for certain circumstances. In addition, new domestic check-ins are NOT allowed.

Impact on tourism industry in Malaysia

With the Covid-19 cases increasing each days, the tourism industry has already started to feel the pinch. With the cancellation of Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign, the impact will be hard.

However, we pray that the tourism industry will regain its momentum once this pandemic ends. We are also hoping that everything will be back to normal soon. Let us also play our parts in supporting the government’s initiative to flatten the curve by staying home.

We at kaki jalans would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you to stay safe and healthy always.

End note

We end this post by sharing this poster. Hopefully, everyone of us will play a role in fighting this pandemic! Let us all help fight the spread of illness by:

  • Wash hands often
  • Keep hands away
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • If you feel sick, stay at home!

No matter how small your action looks like, it still matters.


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.

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